February 15, 2015

A big extra thank you to everyone who helped us officially launch The Collab Salon, and especially to Larry for your generosity and skill in bringing your ideas to us in this new format. It was a thrill- a dream come true- to bring together people from around the world to exchange with Larry Zucker- and each other- about Larry’s work with couples – Escaping blaming frames of reference and engaging a different approach to conversation.

Collab members can now access Larry’s powerpoint slides as well as the entire recording for this Zoom session.

Want more?

An annual Collab membership only costs $100. Members are welcome to sign up for any – or all- of our monthly Collab Salon meetings. This is in addition to access to our Conversation Forum.

A quick reminder: Larry is coming to Vermont to present a Vermont workshop Escaping Blame: Helping couples develop account-ability on Monday, June 15, 2015, and developing a course under the same title in our “Narrative in Action” online series.