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Michael White

Michael White: Reflections 1 year later

Peggy Sax Michael White was an extraordinary person.  I feel very privileged to have known him not only as my mentor, but as a friend. It is still hard to believe he is no longer here, and that we won’t suddenly hear that he will soon be presenting a workshop at a nearby town. Slowly we are adjusting – and of course his ideas, practices and presence will live on in our [...]

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An Introduction to Rich Story Development- Six Lessons!

An Introduction to Rich Story Development with Maggie Carey follows six lessons: 1) A quick outline; 2) An overall map; 3) The conceptual landscape of meaning; 4) The doing and experiencing; 5) Neurobiology and story development; 6) Putting ideas into practice. This course is now under construction.

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Narrative therapy & Post-structuralist inquiry

Postmodern Therapies In a special issue of the Journal of Systemic Therapies on Teaching and Learning Postmodern Therapies (Vol 25 -Issue 4), the editors, David Paré and Margarita Tarragona contemplate pedagogical questions for teachers and trainers of postmodern therapies that “share a respectful, collaborative spirit that reflects a loosened grip on truth claims and purported expertise” (Paré & Tarragona, 2006), p.2). They describe postmodern epistemologies as “reminding us that knowledge is not so much handed [...]

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Characteristics of narrative ways of working

Jill Freedman and Gene Combs have been teaching and practicing narrative therapy for many years. They are the co-founders of The Evanston Family Therapy Center where they provide consultation and workshops for people interested in exploring the practice of narrative therapy for individuals, families, institutions, and communities. On their website, they post a number of excellent responses to the question, “What is Narrative Therapy?” These notes are taken from workshop handouts. Feel free to use these notes [...]

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Psychotic experience and discourse

"Michael White worked in state psychiatric hospitals, child and adolescent psychiatric services and was consultant for many years to a large state psychiatric hospital in Adelaide. Throughout his life Michael maintained an enduring commitment to questioning practices that were pathologising of people’s lives, and to developing collaborative ways of working. His work in relation to psychotic experience and, in particular, assisting people to revise their relationship with voices was a significant part of the interactions [...]

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