Peggy Sax

Peggy Sax

Before joining this conversation, please review Lesson 3 where we briefly explore three key ideas influencing narrative therapy:

  1. the role of questions,
  2. the narrative metaphor,
  3.  intentional understandings of identity

Then let’s get some conversation going! What are you thinking about now? What stands out to you the most? What is the relevance to your own work? What questions might you ask others who are joining us here?


November 22, 2014

Peggy Sax

Peggy Sax


Hi Kendall!

Thanks so much for taking the leap to add your reflection here. I too love the way Maggie draws on the metaphor of “landscape of our stories” to visualize developing places to stand in the landscape and reflective platforms. Great to add the image of an iceberg – to remember that the surface of what is actually going on. eg: What we see above the water line is perhaps 10% of the whole.

Maggie spend a week with us in Vermont in June 2014, and at that time, she offered many visuals to bring us to mountaintops and/or standing on top of our chairs to illustrate how our questions can bring forth a higher level of reflection and concept development. Now I am working with these videos to create an online course that will focus in more detail and depth on rich story development. is this something that might interest you when it is ready?

Kendall, how is the online course going for you? Would you like the join the group that is getting together via Zoom to talk about the lessons together? Which time zone are you in? We are scheduled to meet next on Sunday, Dec 7 @ 6pm NYC time. I am happy to help you – and anyone else – get on board. Just let me know, okay?