We are thrilled to have in development a number of courses organized into three learning series. The first two series highlight the work- and legacy- of the co-founders of narrative therapy, Michael White and David Epston. Our third series features courses lead by a variety of practitioners; having trained with Michael and/or David, they are eager to share what excites them most in their everyday practice.

Three Learning Series now in development

leaf 2Rich story development

Michael White described narrative explorations as journeys with therapists as companions, guided by a range of therapeutic practices. These journeys awake in people a sense of agency, a realization that they can actively shape their own lives. We are delighted to welcome teachers from Narrative Practices Adelaide to guide us in studying practices that develop embodied responses, resonance, and agency. We are excited to announce the first course in this series, An Introduction to Rich Story Development is now in development. This course draws from Maggie Carey’s recent workshop in Shelburne, Vermont, Catching up with Narrative therapy: The Art of Going Slowly with Intent. Watch this site for further information.

leaf 6Where the buses don’t run yet

What guides inquiry in narrative therapy? What are some narrative lines of inquiry? This online program includes several courses inviting registrants to join David Epston and Kay Ingamells in further exploring questions like these that David often addresses in his workshops. Watch this site for Building a Counter-Story -the first course in this series.

We asked, “What are you most excited about in your everyday practice” and this is what emerged. These mini-courses explore cutting edges in practice by experienced narrative practitioners. Several courses in this series are now in development.

Register soon for our first course in this series! Queer Counseling and Narrative Practice with Charley Lang (registration opens  September, 2014!

Other Narrative in Action courses now in development include:

  • Escaping Blame: Helping Couples Develop Account-Ability with Larry Zucker
  • Narrative Therapy with Young People and Families: Partnering with Virtuous and Imaginative Partners with David Marsten
  • The Art of Narrative Psychiatry with SuEllen Hamkins

We will announce on this site and in the Re-authoring Teaching Online Newsletter when courses are ready for registration.