January 17, 2021 Collab Salon: Re-authoring Confinement: Creating a Collaboratory During the Pandemic

Around the world, Covid-19 profoundly impacts our everyday lives. As narrative practitioners we are trained to double-listen to problems, to pay close attention to the suffering as well as to initiatives and events that might not be predicted by the problematic stories. What are some of the sparkling moments where the dominance of the pandemic problem disappears? Please join us as we begin our new year with a range of contributors sharing experiences and the joy of collaborative projects across the world: making poetry and art, creating Covid inspired music, learning from Community gatherings and from our children.

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April 21, 2019 Collab Salon: Women & Leadership

Through our Re-woman project we are hoping to empower women to live in their preferred ways. In Russia the ideas are strong that "we are different from the West, as women had equal opportunities throughout the Soviet times". However, stats and practices are showing this is not the case. Through our meetings and interviews with women we are deconstructing the ideas around leadership and exploring the ways to lead. 

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September, 2017 Collab Salon: Re-uniting Generations – Anna Silnitskaya & Maria Tiunova (Moscow, Russia)

The Great Terror repressions in Russia in the thirties of the previous century took lives of many people, destroyed families, created the atmosphere of shame, fear and helplessness in the society. Two generations later, we are still tracing the signs of the Great Terror in our lives - fear of authorities, fear of standing out, screaming silence around attempts to discuss those events. As insiders and narrative practitioners, we decided to make the first step towards preferred family stories, towards speaking out, towards reuniting with our ancestors. We hosted a meeting for those whose families were, like ours, affected by Stalin repressions. We relied on the narrative means of working with trauma, outsider witness practices and created a collective document in the end. This meeting became a meaningful event in the participants lives, and we would like to continue and share this work.

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