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Rekindling Your Narrative Spark: The Combating Isolation in Your Practice Consultation Group

Are you feeling a sense of isolation and disenchantment in your work? Do you feel you are being recruited into stories of dominant ideas of what a “good therapist” is or stories that are pathologizing of the people who consult you? We invite you to resist these stories and ideas in this community consultation group and think together about what you would prefer your practice to embody. Rocio and Akansha will create space for conversations about preferred ethics, consultation with your insider knowledges and wisdom, and articulation of consonant practices and ways of being. They will draw on their lived experiences of working in sites of “modern power” and support you in inhabiting your narrative multilingual voice. This group is for narratively informed practitioners, familiar with narrative ways of working.

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February 19, 2023 Collab Salon: Exploring Teaching Narrative therapy: Experience of KRAI

How can we teach Narrative therapy in a way which responds to its philosophy and ethics? How can Narrative therapy change and develop in our collaborations and engaging with new ideas? How can we work together in the team paying attention to power relationships? How can we be narrative practitioners in actual political situation in Russia and in the world? When we’ve started our project, KRAI, together with our colleagues, we were drawn to this questions and a lot more. We’ve developed a diverse yearlong program on Narrative therapy and community work as long as another laboratories and workshops. We are glad to share our experience at the Collab salon.

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Exploring Our Relationship with Narrative Questions

This 8 week bi-weekly series is for people who are interested in exploring their relationship with narrative questions. It is not a “how to” ask “better” narrative questions, but an invitation to explore the types of questions we feel drawn to asking, and why? An invitation to explore our hopes in asking questions, and the ethics we are striving to uphold in asking the questions we ask. Beginning October 2nd, we will meet biweekly via Zoom  (except for once in the month of December) on Sundays from 11am -12:30pm NY time (October 2nd, 16th, 30th, November 13th, 27th, December 11th, January 8th and 22nd). 

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Migration of Identity Consultation Group

This consultation group is for people who are familiar with narrative therapy practice and migration of identity in an experiential way and have a particular interest in unpacking ideas and practices that can accompany people/families/communities in times of movement (chosen and imposed), transition and liminality. While this can attend to large movements, it is also inclusive of small moments in daily life and moment-by-moment exchanges in conversations and relationships. Together we will explore our experiences accompanying people in these movements through sharing stories of practice and engaging in experiential exercises.

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October 16, 2022: A Response to The Hegemony of Standard English: Storying lives bilingually across languages

We are advocates for justice in language rights. Through our explorations of bilingualism we address the hegemony of standard English. We speak from the perspectives of our languages: Black Talk/Ebonics/Slang, Farsi, Fenglish, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Chilean Spanish, Colombian Spanglish, Spanglish, Colloquial Spanish, and standard English. We discuss efforts to respond to various linguistic landscapes from the vantage point of our lived experiences and practices in the United States. We explore ways to integrate languages through improvisation and creativity, beyond the lexical and grammatical rules of a language. We hope to describe our response to standard English to co-exist in the creative use of inter-lingual lives that seek to ensure that the juxtaposition of English therapeutic and daily-life landscapes is integrated into various settings. We discuss the contextual, relational, therapeutic, and training potential offered by bilingualism across various languages as well as the necessary transmutations in theory and practice.

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June 19, 2016 Collab: Centering Ethics in Group Supervision

What are narrative approaches to supervision? How does a group co-create respectful ways of exploring complex concerns and challenges that reflect the ethics of a just and accountable community?  Shona and Vikki invited us into a conversation about supervision practices that contribute to a reinvigoration of professional identity,  keep faith with what is given value, and build on an ethic of justice-doing. This online gathering welcomed old members as well as a number of  Collab Salon members experiencing Zoom for the first time. 

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AUGUST 16, 2020: Working Narratively in Research with Maggie Slaska, Akansha Vaswani, & Navid Zamani

"As people interested in working narratively in research, we will share some of our experiences, influences from outside the world of narrative therapy that supported our principles, and challenges involved in the process. Each of us has been involved in a research project for our doctoral dissertations which we will use to illustrate 1) how we negotiated ideas of power to construct research questions 2) methods we used to incorporate social constructionist understandings of relationally informed meaning making in our work 3) how we navigated (continue to navigate) demands/expectations of our respective institutions." Akansha, Maggie & Navid                                                                        

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