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Extending the Histories of Narrative Practice: Creating Spaces for Emerging Approaches

Narrative practices have evolved in many ways over the decades in response to changing professional, social and cultural contexts. The founders of the Narrative Therapy approach, the late Michael White and David Epston, gave voice to the hope and intention that we would continue to try out different modes of inquiry, come up with new practices, and integrate these cherished ways of being with people that fit with our own local experiences and socio-political contexts. This two-day workshop builds on our deep respect for the evolution of Narrative Therapy while creating spaces for an interplay with other treasured approaches. Please join Lynne Rosen, David Paré and Ian Percy as they honor their narrative roots while bringing together EMDR, somatic-oriented therapies, mindfulness practices and the storylines of our lives.

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Live Interviews: Finding our way in a narrative conversation

We have chosen to repeat the format of the workshop we did two years ago for this 2-day workshop with Maggie Carey at Treleven Farm. The workshop is structured so that various participants will have the opportunity to be interviewed by Maggie. These interviews will then be used as a platform to talk about the ways that are possible to go in a narrative conversation, to respond to questions participants have of Maggie about why she went the way she did in each interview. Please note: we have moved the workshop location to All Souls in Shelburne, Vermont.

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Responding to Trauma and Difficulties in People’s Lives

This two-day workshop with Maggie Carey and Peggy Sax will share some of the Narrative practices that have been found useful as ways of working with people’s experiences of difficulty and trauma in their lives such as abuse or violence, intense loss, or being subjected to oppression or injustice. Trauma can have the effect of establishing a sense of vulnerability, hopelessness and a sense of being stuck in the past events and not able to ‘do’ life.

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Working with People Facing Severe and Persistent Problems

A 2-day Workshop with SuEllen Hamkins, MD! The workshop, Sustaining Hope, Creativity & Emotional Attunement When Working with People Facing Severe and Persistent Problems, took place on Thursday-Friday, June 18-19, 2015 at Treleven Farm in Vergennes, Vermont. When we are working with people who are dealing with serious and relentless problems or mental health challenges, at times we can feel discouraged and as if we are offering virtually no help to the person who is suffering—we [...]

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Escaping Blame: Helping Couples Develop Account-Ability

Larry Zucker, LCSW's one day workshop on narrative approaches to working with couples took place at Treleven Farm on Monday, June 15, 2015. Please review the Workshop Description outlining objectives and schedule. Larry has been practicing therapy and training therapists in Los Angeles for over 30 years.  His background in social work and community organizing led him to see people in context, and to focus on strength and resiliency.  Larry is committed to escaping blaming frames of reference in [...]

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