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A Narrative Approach to Therapeutic Conversations at the End of Life

Thank you to all who participated in Sasha Pilkington's workshop! What a terrific gathering!   On November 21, 2018 Collab Salon, Sasha will present on Virtue Inquires. Please join us! You do not need to be a Collab Member to register for- and participate in - this Salon. We hope that you will decide to Become a Member (among other benefits, members have 24/7 access to our Library of Past Salons.)

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Extending the Histories of Narrative Practice: Creating Spaces for Emerging Approaches

Narrative practices have evolved in many ways over the decades in response to changing professional, social and cultural contexts. The founders of the Narrative Therapy approach, the late Michael White and David Epston, gave voice to the hope and intention that we would continue to try out different modes of inquiry, come up with new practices, and integrate these cherished ways of being with people that fit with our own local experiences and socio-political contexts. This two-day workshop builds on our deep respect for the evolution of Narrative Therapy while creating spaces for an interplay with other treasured approaches. Please join Lynne Rosen, David Paré and Ian Percy as they honor their narrative roots while bringing together EMDR, somatic-oriented therapies, mindfulness practices and the storylines of our lives.

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