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Earth’s Environmental Crisis

February 21, 2021 Collab Salon: Community-based Practices as Response to Earth’s Environmental Crisis and Opportunity

The environmental crisis is increasingly showing up in our neighbourhoods through severe weather events, struggling ecosystems, and the coronavirus pandemic. How can we, as narrative therapists, offer pathways for coming into relationship with these escalating risks in ways that are not overwhelming nor lead to despair? How might we contribute beyond individualised models that leave far too many people without care for their collective challenges? How do we show up in solidarity with those who recognise the potential for a great breakthrough towards environmental and social justice? Narrative therapy has a rich lore of collective practice that has evolved beyond the office, which can be valuable in this context. Merle and Jenny will share collective initiatives in diverse settings in response to Earth’s environmental crisis and opportunity, followed by a conversation to explore possibilities and potential for our narrative therapy community.

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February 16, 2020 Collab Salon: Narrative Ideas for Inspired Responses to Earth’s Environmental Crisis

What do narrative approaches have to offer these wild, uncertain times? How can we contribute? Can ceremonial and community practices bring us together in our grief? In our creativity? Let’s talk about raising environmental concerns in our community and work. Dominant stories of Doom & Disconnect sink spirits and hoodwink people into thinking they are too small to matter. Could emergent liberative narratives stand up to and surpass doomsday stories? Are stories of empowerment and inspired response rooted in people’s gifts? Could we be part of a r/evolution that moves humans from eco-cidal practices towards loving, eco-sourced, joyful ways of living and envisioning for our exquisite Earth?

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