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October 15, 2023 Collab Salon: Stories Gone Missing: Questions I Wish I’d Been Asked

What are the lost stories as yet untold, for which we’ve never been asked?  During an interview or therapeutic conversation, have you ever thought… “I don’t know about that, but there’s a different question I want to answer?”  Have you ever thought to yourself…. “I’ve thought about such and such, and no one has asked me about this.  I think I would really like to develop that story and have a witness for that type of conversation…” We are hoping to open some space when people can talk about questions they wish they would be or would have been asked and why that question?  This is not really a workshop to learn how to ask better questions, though there are likely to be new or different questions to be gathered.  It’s a chance for us to get together and get off our chests a few of the questions that we would like to be asked.  It’s an opportunity for the telling of some of our stories, and to do so in our own manner. Please bring two questions you wish you could be or would have liked to have been asked.

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January 16, 2022 Collab Salon: Beyond Deconstruction: A Compositionist Narrative Therapy

What's getting in the way of curiosity these days? Justine D’Arrigo and Chris Hoff will explore the practice of Scenarios and how narrative practitioners can use Scenarios in the effort of reinvigorating curiosity and composition in their practices. Michael White (1997) wrote that when someone is considering entering some form of liminal space, like the co-creation of possible futures, that it is important to engage in some predictions of the experiences that one might expect in these efforts. We believe that White (1997) knew that the significant periods of confusion and disorientation, and at times despair and desperation that often accompany journeys into liminal space could shut down these efforts, and have these travelers turn back toward more familiar territories. We think one tool that can support a cultivated liminality and composition is the practice of Scenarios. 

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