September 19, 2021 Collab Salon: Asking about online communities of support

Narrative Therapy inquiry offers novel and exciting opportunities to explore membership in online communities and spaces.  Whether it is through involvement with Discord servers or Team Speak or through informal groups through Facebook or WhatsApp, complexity and sophistication can be co-discovered in online communities.  Vast possibilities exist around speaking about these groups and communities in Narrative Therapy and, in particular, the importance of these communities can be privileged and elevated instead of obscured or diminished.

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January 17, 2021 Collab Salon: Re-authoring Confinement: Creating a Collaboratory During the Pandemic

Around the world, Covid-19 profoundly impacts our everyday lives. As narrative practitioners we are trained to double-listen to problems, to pay close attention to the suffering as well as to initiatives and events that might not be predicted by the problematic stories. What are some of the sparkling moments where the dominance of the pandemic problem disappears? Please join us as we begin our new year with a range of contributors sharing experiences and the joy of collaborative projects across the world: making poetry and art, creating Covid inspired music, learning from Community gatherings and from our children.

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June 19, 2016 Collab: Centering Ethics in Group Supervision

What are narrative approaches to supervision? How does a group co-create respectful ways of exploring complex concerns and challenges that reflect the ethics of a just and accountable community?  Shona and Vikki invited us into a conversation about supervision practices that contribute to a reinvigoration of professional identity,  keep faith with what is given value, and build on an ethic of justice-doing. This online gathering welcomed old members as well as a number of  Collab Salon members experiencing Zoom for the first time. 

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May 15, 2016 Collab Salon: Narrative and Mindfulness Practice

 With their shared backgrounds in both traditions, this discussion with David Paré (Ottawa, Canada) and Ian Percy (Perth, Australia)  lived up to its promise to be a generative examination of the integrative possibilities for mindfulness and narrative therapy. Thank you Ian and David for presenting such a stimulating and thought-provoking Collab Salon!

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