Mandy Kimm has just joined the Re-Authoring Teaching team as Peggy Sax’s assistant after graduating from Middlebury College in May. From Mandy:

From when we first spoke on the phone, it was clear that Peggy and I were on the same wavelength. My interest in embodied, creative practices of healing and Peggy’s work in expanding the Narrative community and educational opportunities in Narrative Practices complement each other to generate a swirl of curiosity, energy and enthusiasm for our shared work. I dove right into this vibrant community in June by helping Peggy coordinate the Narrative Workshops and Educator’s Camp in Vermont, during which I got a glimpse of the deep connection and care shared by students, practitioners and educators for Narrative approaches in their varied forms. I’m excited to learn more and to keep moving with the energy and momentum galvanized by the camps as we develop new materials and enliven existing offerings.

After the invigorating and inspiring June gatherings and with Mandy on board, Re-Authoring Teaching is entering a new phase—keep reading below for some of the in-process changes and new projects, and look around the website for gorgeous new photos taken by Charley Lang, Mandy Kimm and workshop participants!

Upcoming Developments – check back soon!