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Narrative, the body and neurobiology

Kevin: January 20, 2010 Hello everyone. Thanks Peggy for fixing this. I thought of starting a new topic in regards to the body.  I have noticed a few people mention somatic approaches or dance movement therapy in their posts.  I would be really interested in what people's thoughts are in relationship to narrative therapy and collaborative practices and the body.  I came across this article off of the Taos Institute website, which I will post [...]

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Narrative, neurobiology and the body: part 2

Peggy Sax » Sun Feb 17, 2013 Did you read our archived conversation (above)? I think we have only begun to talk about this topic. Who share a special interest in narrative, the body and neurobiology? What would you like to talk about, and/or to share with each other? Peggy Peggy Sax » Fri Jun 14, 2013 Hey Malachy, Sarah, Regina - and everyone else who has gravitated over here from the "FKC" [...]

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