Everyday Practice

Why do we do this work?

Peggy: April 7, 2011 As I embark on a cycling holiday, I'm reflecting on the intensity of this work that we do. It takes a toll. And it is deeply satisfying. Both are true. Why do we do this work? Life can be so cruel. The last few weeks have been brutal for many people I know in my little New England town- friends as well as people who come to consult with me. Such [...]

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What is foundational to Me?

Several Collab members responded (a few years ago) to the question, "What is Foundational to me?" What do you consider as foundational about the key narrative ideas in your specific work contexts?  What others would you add? Can you give at least one specific illustration from your work, life and relationships? Martha Lopez-Hill: February 6, 2010 Hola to everyone! I'mmmmm Back! I believe that Intentional States of Identity is one of the basic key concepts to [...]

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Tips for Practitioners

Peggy Sax For those of us who have been practicing in these ways for some time: – What would you want to tell someone who is just beginning to study narrative ideas and practices? – Can you put into words what kind of difference these ways of working make to your practice? What about telling a story or two? – Do any cautions come to mind? February 23, 2014 Jo [...]

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Externalising conversations

Bonnie Miller: March 27, 2009 Hey everyone: Externalizing conversations- a hot topic for me- on the one hand, when they work they are amazing... on the other hand, I see this being taken up as a 'tool' or strategy by folks who do not understand (or want to understand?) the philosophical underpinnings of the idea- and this irks and alarms me. (how's that for an opener?) it seems important to me that the therapist, if [...]

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Thinking on one’s feet… and then recalculating

Peggy Sax: February 9, 2012 Since our conversation on "Just being ways of being,"(Part One and Part Two) I have been thinking a lot  about reflection-on-action in everyday practice as a practitioner. When narrative practitioners introduce practices that link lives and provide witnessing opportunities, we don’t go “by the book” but rather lean into ethical considerations from a "decentered- influential" posture. We are guided by certain practices/maps of narrative practice to go with what can [...]

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Ripples of life

Martha:  November 07, 2009 Peggy and group - I’m here too. Although I’ve not written for awhile, I’ve been encouraged and enjoyed reading your reflections, it keeps me going and gives me more passion for the work I do. This time has been difficult for me from being sick with flu and moving to another house, but the study group is a project I took seriously and enthusiastically. I much appreciate your efforts, Peggy, and [...]

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Just being ways of being (part 1)

Amy: January 6, 2012 I have worked with First Nations families on reserve for 4 years now. When I first started, my love of other cultures made me excited about the possibility of learning about a completely separate people group right here in "Canada", and a group that has called this country home for so long, it makes my ancestors look like entrants in the last 5 minutes of a full length play. After 4 [...]

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Just being …ways of being (part 2)

Amy: February 6, 2012 So many things to respond to! This is great! Sarah, what did your friend in Ontario mean by 'acts of acknowledgement'? I picture it as questions that bring out or acknowledge others' feats and accomplishments. Is that what she meant, or is it more like a ritual? As to the actions involved in 'just being', Cate's post has some of the same examples as me, like sharing a cup of tea [...]

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Paying it forward

Peggy: November 23, 2010 Thursday is the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. It is a time for getting together with family and friends, and for pausing to express gratitude for that which often goes unnoticed. Before sharing a story, I want to say how grateful I am for this study group. For me, it is a place where I feel a sense of belonging, discovery and possibility. A woman who consults with me ended our [...]

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