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Vermont Workshops take advantage of our beautiful Vermont location to create rigorous and lively learning experiences where participants can further develop skills in narrative approaches in collaboration with others, while savoring an environment offering panoramic views, good company, and outdoor splendors.   Over the years, we have added Narrative Camp for those who can join us to experience shared living by the lake – taking full advantage of the restorative possibilities: kayaking, hiking, cycling, swimming, sharing meals, yoga by lakeside watching glorious sunsets and hanging out talking on lake-side verandas. We believe in learning by doing. And in building community. 
Three days of workshops!

Reflect on Take-aways!

Narrative Camp week: June 10-17, 2017.
Three days of workshops!

Exercises – and conversation- take place on hillside overlooking Lake Champlain.

At lunchtime, there are beautiful places to explore.

Weather permitting, small groups do their exercises outside.

It’s lovely to see the groups that come together.

Who Comes to our Workshops?

Our workshops are appropriate for psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, nurses, counselors and other human service practitioners in work contexts that include independent practice as well as agency settings such as community mental health, parent-child centers, and hospital programs. Graduate students are also welcome.  

We love to foster intergenerational and multi-cultural connections. There is so much to learn from each other!

Welcome to our Global Visitors!

What a thrill to share this experience with Workshop participants from India, Russia and Belgium, as well as from across the USA and Canada.

Thank you for coming to visit us from all around the world. We love sharing Vermont with you.

A special hello to our visitors from California!

Local Consultation Groups

Northern Vermont Consultation Group

Our gatherings offer exceptional opportunities for local consultation groups to spend concentrated, relaxed time together.

Narrative Camp 2016

Thank you to all who participated in our June, 2016 events!  Visitors came from India, Russia, Belgium, as well as from across Canada and the USA. And…our workshop presenter, Maggie Carey, came from Australia! Maggie gave two memorable workshops, Responding to Trauma & Life’s Difficulties, and Live Interviews: Finding our Way in Narrative Conversations, which have become part of our library of Past Workshops.  In addition, many of us stayed for the entire week in Lake Champlain Cottages for what has become affectionately called, Narrative Camp.



SuEllen Hamkins, Maggie Carey & Lynne Rosen

Our exciting — and growing — online faculty also includes Maggie Carey, David Epston, SuEllen Hamkins, David Marsten, Laurie Markham, Lynne Rosen and Larry Zucker.  Whenever possible, we professionally film our workshops as video contributions to our future online courses.

Faculty Profiles

Our Locations

We are delighted to have found two ideal locations in Vermont.

The All Souls Gathering in Shelburne, Vermont is a remarkable non-denominational project of environmental stewardship, “where spirit meets nature.”
Treleven Sheep FarmTreleven Farm hosts our smaller training events on a working sheep farm nestled in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. This non-profit  center is a learning and retreat collaborative that promotes stewardship, social action, reverence, and innovation.
All of our workshops make restorative magic out of our Vermont locale by bringing together nature, rigorous practice, good food and good company.

What Are People Saying About our Gatherings?

narrative camp 2016

I especially enjoyed having lots of practice time with the permission and encouragement to stop, check in with each other, try again and play. How another training could measure up to this, I’m not sure. the place, people and format were perfect. This is just what I needed!”

The way you supported our practicing was perfect – the structures made it easy to dig in and try with no thought of failure. That was a huge part of the renewal for me.”

I especially enjoyed the teaching style- having a plan, structure, things to say, but also flexibility; the gathering of responses from the audience and opportunities to rehearse, practice and be creative.”

As much as I have enjoyed and learned from videos of Michael in action, I so appreciate the freshness and commitment and wisdom of others continuing the teaching work. This helps us to know that not only does the work live on, but that it lives on in all of us.


David Epston Master Class

Here is what people said after participating in a David Epston gathering followed by a masterclass:

I was needing a catalyst to mix into my thinking to propel me forward in my ability to ask therapeutic questions. This workshop dropped the catalyst into my brain and opened new doors of thinking and language.”

This location is magnificent. I loved seeing old friends and meeting new people, being reminded that narrative practice involves a distinct set of skills (in addition to a good attitude), and that these need to be practiced.”

I appreciated how “hands on” it was – the mix between seeing questions, witnessing a live interview and getting time to discuss and breakdown the intent behind asking questions. I appreciated that we were able to slow down the process of formulating questions, in a way I’d never done before.”

I loved how the workshop challenged my thinking about my work, getting me to ask new questions of myself and planted ideas about how to strengthen my use of narrative ideas.”

I especially appreciated discussion of how narrative therapy is not only cognitive but a “celebration of the heart and mind.”

Upcoming workshops

Watch our calendar for upcoming events. Stay tuned.

Events Calendar

Past workshops

Browse workshops we’ve held, or co-sponsored, in the past including: Lynne Rosen, David Pare & Ian Percy, Extending the histories of narrative practice: Creating space for emerging approaches; David Epston & Tom Carlson, Insider Witness Practices: Performing Hope & Beauty in Narrative Therapy;  Maggie Carey, Responding to Trauma and Life’s Difficulties and Live Interviews; SuEllen Hamkins, Working with People Facing Severe and Persistent Problems;  Larry Zucker, Escaping Blame: Helping Couples Develop Account-Ability; Maggie Carey, Refreshing the Spirit of the Work; David Epston, “Magic, Mischief and Imagination: Narrative Therapy on the Other Side of the Looking Glass; “David Epston, Masterclass;  Responding to Abuse Within Families and Building Ethical Resistance (Rob Hall & Alison Newton);  Extending Narrative Practice: Refreshing the Spirit of the Work (Gaye Stockell, Shona Russell & Peggy Sax).

Past Events


Let us know your suggestions for additional training topics, presenters and guest visitors to Vermont.

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