Meet Our Board

Poh Lin Lee

Poh is a Chinese Malaysian Australian woman who comes to her practice through multiple experiences and relationships as a narrative therapy practitioner, social worker, co-researcher of trauma/displacement, writer, teacher, film protagonist and creative consultant.

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Barbara Herring

Barbara (B) Herring (Los Angeles, CA) LMFT, psychotherapist working with a diverse range of individuals, regardless of cultural background or where they may fall on the gender and sexuality spectrum, as well as Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. website: Justbtherapy.

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Sarah Beth Hughes

Sarah Beth Hughes works as a Couple and Family Therapist in Nelson, BC, Canada.

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Akansha Vaswani-Bye

Akansha Vaswani-Bye Ph.D. is currently an Acting Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington School of Medicine, where she works on the implementation of family-to-family support programs for families of persons managing psychosis.

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Lynne Rosen

Lynne V. Rosen, LCSW (LA and Pasadena) has been engaged in therapeutic work and teaching for over 27 years, and found her therapeutic and philosophical home in narrative therapy.

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Rocio Ocampo-Giancola

Rocio Ocampo-Giancola, MFT, is a bilingual therapist, working in private practice with a diverse set of clients and is currently clinical supervisor for Catholic Charities.

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Gerald Monk – Emeritus

Gerald Monk, PhD, is a Professor and the Emeritus Director  of The Marriage & Family Therapy Program, 
Department of Counseling & School Psychology, 
San Diego State University.

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Peggy Sax

Peggy Sax, PhD, is in independent practice as a psychologist/family therapist and consultant in Middlebury, Vermont.

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Kathie Adams

Kathie Adams, LMFT, has been working as an independent practice therapist for almost 2 decades. In 2014 she founded the LAPoMo group, focusing on growing the postmodern community in Southern California.

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Dean Lobovits

Dean Lobovits is a narrative therapist, author, educator, and ethicist from Berkeley, California.

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Charley Lang

Charley Lang, MFT, is co-founder of Narrative Counseling Center in Los Angeles and director of the Psychology Concentration at Antioch University.

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Larry Zucker

Larry Zucker, LCSW, has been practicing therapy and training therapists for over 30 years, currently at the Southern California Counseling Center in Los Angeles.

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