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Responding to Trauma and Difficulties in People’s Lives

This two-day workshop with Maggie Carey and Peggy Sax will share some of the Narrative practices that have been found useful as ways of working with people’s experiences of difficulty and trauma in their lives such as abuse or violence, intense loss, or being subjected to oppression or injustice. Trauma can have the effect of establishing a sense of vulnerability, hopelessness and a sense of being stuck in the past events and not able to ‘do’ life.

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Jill Freedman: Why “Why” isn’t Enough: Special Feature on Sandy Hook

Jill Freedman Shortly after the tragic Sandy Hook  Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, USA, Jill was interviewed by PNS journalists Lark Corbeil and Mike Cliff to discuss ways of responding to the school shootings (December 16, 2013).   In no way wishing to diminish the importance of  focusing on the days immediately following a traumatic event, Jill skillfully asks additional questions that demonstrate what a narrative worldview looks like in action.   The [...]

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