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Foucault & Poststructuralist inquiry: Archived reflections

Conversation between members of The Collab and The Narrative Practices Adelaide Certificate Programme Mohammad: December 16, 2008 When I first heard about the "gaze" and the shift it has taken in time by Foucault, something in me shifted also. I lived most of my childhood and youth as the "lamb" that Lynn talked about, very shy, much in need of "affirmative action" to bring me out and none was in sight in the [...]

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Narrative therapy & Post-structuralist inquiry

Postmodern Therapies In a special issue of the Journal of Systemic Therapies on Teaching and Learning Postmodern Therapies (Vol 25 -Issue 4), the editors, David Paré and Margarita Tarragona contemplate pedagogical questions for teachers and trainers of postmodern therapies that “share a respectful, collaborative spirit that reflects a loosened grip on truth claims and purported expertise” (Paré & Tarragona, 2006), p.2). They describe postmodern epistemologies as “reminding us that knowledge is not so much handed [...]

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Postmodernism, post-structuralist inquiry, and the French Poststructuralist Philosophers

As a cultural phenomenon, postmodernism impacts the fields of philosophy, architecture, literature, music and other expressive arts. Many narrative practitioners prefer the more specific term poststructuralism to describe an approach to inquiry that questions the concept of "self" as a singular and coherent entity, and is in contrast to structuralism’s truth claims. I sometimes use the umbrella terms “postmodern” or “collaborative” therapies as an effort to unify a diversity of approaches – not to obscure [...]

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