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This blog post is for Collab Members to sign up for the next Collab Salon. We meet on the third Sunday of the month @ 5pm, NYC time. Each month we will focus on a different theme. It’s free to Collab members! You just need to sign up each month so we will reserve you a spot.

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Peggy Sax: Finding common ground: parents speak out about family centered practices

After 7 years, I wrote up the findings from my dissertation project about experiences of “finding common ground” between human service seekers,  providers, and planners. I interviewed about 100 people (group and individual) from different designated roles (parents of young children with mental health concerns; therapists, early childhood care and education and other providers; and federal & state planners). The article Finding Common Ground : Parents Speak Out About Family-Centered Practices was published in The Journal of [...]

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Working with families with infants and toddlers

“Narrative therapy and family support: Strengthening the mother’s voice in working with families with infants and toddlers” (1997) was published in Narrative Therapies with Children and Adolescents by Craig Smith and David Nyland. This chapter is the first time I wrote something for publication about narrative therapy.  I remember the effort it took to rise to the occasion. I was grateful to Bill Lax for inviting me to write the chapter instead of the one he had [...]

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‘Re-authoring Teaching: Creating a Collaboratory’ by Peggy Sax

“The online medium has opened up vast new possibilities for sharing and learning that could be adapted by nearly any teacher, in almost any topic, but seem to be particularly suited for teaching narrative and other post-modern therapies.  In fact, when I introduced the online aspect to my teaching, the interactive website became “the tail that wagged the dog.”  Rather than just being an interesting and somewhat useful adjunct, it has opened up entire new [...]

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Peggy Sax Workshop: Takoma Park, Maryland

Reclaiming Community out of Personal Catastrophe Peggy Sax, PhD Takoma Park, Maryland April 11, 2014 Presented by The Narrative Reading Group & The Center for Healthy Families at the Family Science Department, University of Maryland Through video, audio, and story-telling, Peggy Sax will explore therapeutic practices that engage clients who have survived psychological catastrophes -their worst nightmares - in the supportive actions of the communities around them, peer-to-peer support, and “giving back” practices. Weaving in [...]

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