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Chris Beels: A different story

I've been a Chris Beels fan ever since reading his 2001 book, A Different Story...: The rise of narrative in psychotherapy. This book is really a memoir, telling the story of the rise of the influence of narrative therapy from the perspective of a psychiatrist with a breadth of experience. Whenever possible, I have also assigned this book, along with Lynn Hoffman's excellent 2002 memoir Family Therapy: An intimate history to social work and psychology [...]

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All manner of poetic disobedience: Lynn Hoffman and the rhizome century

A new documentary film made by Christopher Kinman and  Lars Meyer (see video clips here) On Sunday, January 13, 2012, at the Artspace Community Arts Center in Greenfield, Massachusetts, a group gathered for a very special New England screening of this new documentary film dedicated to the life and work of family therapy visionary and pioneer, Lynn Hoffman. The film was made by Chris Kinman. If you would like more information about this film, please  visit The “All Manner [...]

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