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Honoring Our Legacy

Badge_HigherEd-HonoringWe believe the best tribute we can give our mentors is to gather evidence their ideas and practices have gained lives of their own even for people who never knew them. We begin by briefly reviewing the contributions of five cherished family therapists (only one of whom is still living): Gianfranco Cecchin, Harry Goolishian, Tom Andersen, Lynn Hoffman and Michael White. Registrants join in reflections on what it means to honor the legacy of our chosen mentors.

We have developed a thirteen week course  covering all six mentors. Please contact us if you are interested in these materials! Having put a lot of effort into developing course materials with chosen text, audio and video, we are now yearning to find their rightful home(s). Pitch us an idea! We will listen! We want most of all to honor the legacy of our mentors, and to pass their wisdom and practices onto future generations.

Courses in Development

Ethical Considerations

Badge_HigherEd-EthicalEthical Considerations will bring together an invigorating and provocative range of materials addressing ethical considerations and dilemmas in our work as practitioners. Topics include a relational ethic of practice, professional responsibilities, ethics-based practice, privileging the client’s point-of-view, power and accountability. This course will draw from the work of Sheila McNamee, Karl Tomm, Michael White, Rob Hall, Alison Newton, Dean Lobovits and Peggy Sax.

Does this interest you? While we are developing these materials for CE Courses, our partners would also like to contribute to expanding the focus of professional training to include (in addition to professional codes of ethics)  ethical considerations relevant to everyday practice as psychotherapists. Again we need your help to find our partners! Please contact us if you are interested in pursuing these possibilities.

Learning Modules

Can you imagine what it might be like for someone to encounter these materials in their pre-service training program? While we have been developing CE Courses, we keep asking ourselves this question. We believe many of the materials on this website are adaptable to higher education courses. And we are just beginning! Please contact us if you have learning modules that you would like to share and/or you are interested in developing modules out of the materials on this site. We are looking for Higher Education partners. Come join us in this endeavor!