We are pleased to offer Continuing Education Credit for the four most recent annual Collab Salon Series through Alliant International Continuing Education.  Be sure your Re-Authoring Teaching Membership is up-to-date and pay the $40 fee for the certificate.  You’ll be asked to follow the regulations such as documenting your attendance and filling out an evaluation form at the completion of participating in or viewing each month’s recording.

Collab Salon Series 2023

18 CE credits have been approved by Alliant International University for attending and/or viewing our entire 2023 Collab Salon series and filling out a brief evaluation after each Collab. CEs cost an additional $40.

The 2023 Collab Salon Series presenters includes include Poh Lin Lee (Quebec City, Canada), Jenny Freeman (Berkeley USA), Merle Conyer (Sydney, Australia), Sarah Beth Hughes (Nelson, BC, Canada), SuEllen Hamkins (Northampton, Massachusetts, USA, Lynne Rosen (Passadina USA) Navid Zamani (San Diego USA),  Walter Bera (Austin Texas USA), Maggie Carey (Adelaide, Australia), David Epston (Auckland, New Zealand), Peggy Sax (Vermont USA), Akansha Vaswani-Bye (Seattle USA), Rocio Ocampo-Giancola (San Diego, USA), Elena Grebenyuk & Marat Khachatryan (Moscow-Lisbon), Kay Ingamells (Auckland, NZ), Julie Welkowitz, Diane Gottlieb, Linda Wackerman, Krista Reinke, Linda Li (Burlington Vermont, USA), Piper Clyborne & Marcy Rivas (Seattle, Washington), Ava Elmzadeh (Southern California, USA), Amy Druker (Toronto, Canada) and Ian Percy (Perth, Australia).

The 2023 Collab Salon Series
Earn 18 CEs for the 2023 Collab Salon Series

Three Past Collab Salon Series

You can still earn 18 CE credits for viewing the entire 2022, 2021 or 2022 Collab Salon series. Just be sure to follow all the instructions to document when you watch the video and fill out a brief evaluation after each Collab. CEs cost an additional $40.

2022 Collab Salon Series

Presenters include Chris Hoff & Justine D’Arrigo (Southern California, USA), Sarah Hughes (Nelson, BC), Peggy Sax (Vermont, USA), Akansha Vaswani (Seattle Washington,USA) & Trishala Kanakia (Kolkata, India), Randy Nelson (Seattle, Washington USA), Christoffer Haugaard (Aalborg, Denmark) & David Epston (Auckland, New Zealand), Mona Klausing, Shuo Yuan, Ingrid Guerrieri, Candea Mosley (San Diego, California), Sasha Pilkington (Auckland, NZ), Kay Ingamells  (Auckland, New Zealand), Mu-Lan Chau, Mohammed Darbi, Eureka Frazier, Jose Alvaro Guerrero, Ingrid Guerrieri, Lodovica Guidarelli, Jenny Leverman, marcela polanco (Confederación Muisca, Colombia/Kumeyaay Territory, USA), Carlos A. Ramos, Meg Rogers, Eureka Vaughn (San Diego, USA), Elena Baskina (New York) Masha Tiunova (London) and Kitty Thatcher (Inverell, NSW,Australia), Daniel Angus & Marko Turner (Sydney, Australia).

Earn 18 CEs for 2022 Collab Salon Series

2021 Collab Salon Series

Presenters include İclal Eskioğlu Aydın (Turkey), Jehanzeb Baldiwala (India), Lodovica Guidarelli (San Diego USA), Peggy Sax (Vermont USA), Merle Conyer (Sydney, Australia) & Jenny Freeman (Berkeley, California), Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun (Bordeaux, France), Jill Freedman & Gene Combs (Evanston, Illinois USA), Tanya Barr, Barbara Herring, Eric Katende and Charley Lang (Los Angeles, USA), Sara Lambert and Etienne Proulx Gatineau, Québec Canada), Nidya Ramirez Ibarra (Escondido, California), Kay Ingamells (Auckland, New Zealand), Dale Andersen-Giberson (Ontario, Canada), Tim Donovan (Alice Springs, Australia), Dale Johns (California Gully, Victoria, Australia), Raviraj Shetty & Jehanzeb Baldiwala (Narrative Practices India, Mumbai India), and Alfonzo Diaz (Colectivo de Prácticas Narrativas , Mexico City) and Barbara (B) Herring: (Los Angeles, California).

Earn 18 CEs for 2021 Collab Salon Series

2020 Collab Salon Series

Presenters include Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun (Bordeaux, France), Jenny Freeman (Berkeley, USA), Sarah Beth Hughes (Nelson, British Columbia, Canada), Sasha Pilkington (Auckland, New Zealand), Courtney Olinger & Will Sherwin (San Diego, USA), Mauricio P. Yabar (Richmond, Virginia, USA), Claire Cooley (Kent, United Kingdom), Maggie Slaska, Akansha Vaswani, & Navid Zamani (Seattle Washington and San Diego CA, USA), Juan Carlos García Rivera (Santa Tecla, El Salvador & Manhattan, New York), Kay Ingamells (Auckland, New Zealand), Kitty Thatcher & Dave Villfaña (Santiago, Chile), David Epston (Auckland New Zealand), Ian Percy (Perth, Australia).

Earn 18 CEs for 2020 Collab Salon Series

Steps to Receive a CE Certificate

For a Collab Salon Series

  •  Be sure you have a current Re-Authoring Teaching membership
  • Pay the extra $40 to earn CE credits
  • Attend, Watch and Document the monthly Collab Salon.
  • Fill out the evaluation for each Collab.
  • When everything is completed,  send us an email that documents when you attended or watched each month’s Collab, and request the certificate. Include any preferences (name, degree, license number) and email address.