Lesson Four: The Doing and Experiencing

number 4
Lesson Description: In this lesson, we focus on listening for initiatives; making links across time and with themes; and drawing out skills and know-how. All of these are important aspects of rich story development in narrative practice

Guided by Maggie Carey, with Michael White 


Lesson Five: Neurobiology and Story Development

number 5
Lesson Description: We explore many fascinating findings coming from neuruosciences. What are doing in developing stories has a correspondence with what is happening physically in the brain. These findings can support us in our practice, particularly in taking our time in developing detailed stories.
Guided by Maggie Carey with 


Lesson Six: Putting Ideas into Practice

number 6
Lesson Description: Our final lesson puts ideas into practice. We try out an exercise done in pairs, and review four pathways to rich story development.
Guided by Maggie Carey, with Michael white, Shona Russell and Lev Vygotsky