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Rich Story Development Online Series

Michael White described narrative explorations as journeys with therapists as companions, guided by a range of therapeutic practices or maps. These journeys awake in people a sense of agency, a realization that they can actively shape their own lives. We are delighted to welcome teachers from Narrative Practices Adelaide to guide us in studying practices that develop embodied responses, resonance, and agency. Our first course, An Introduction to Rich Story Development! draws from Maggie Carey’s workshop in Shelburne, Vermont, Catching up with Narrative therapy: The Art of Going Slowly with Intent. Watch this website for a mini-course in this series, now in development, which demonstrates three live interviews using a whiteboard.

Building on the Legacy of Michael White: A variety of Resources

Michael White

In April 2008, we lost Michael White, one of the founders of Narrative therapy:  a brilliant mind, skillful interviewer, cherished mentor and a dear friend. Re-authoring Teaching partnered with Narrative Initiatives San Diego (NISD) to offer Building on the Legacy of Michael White: A Decade of Narrative Developments  on Coronado Island, San Diego. As an outgrowth of this event, we created The Michael White  Legacy Project housed permanently here on this website- pooling the collective influence of Michael White into an online resource that paints a picture of his legacy through many voices, perspectives and mediums.

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An Introduction to Rich Story Development

An Introduction to Rich Story Development—the first in our Rich Story Development series—offers a clear, concise and down-to-earth journey into topics about story development, including the narrative metaphor, landscapes of stories, double listening, loitering with intent, mapping meaning and action, personal agency, listening for resonance, making links, and neurobiology. The course is organized into six lessons (see below) and illustrated with edited video clips from Maggie Carey‘s June 2014 workshop in Shelburne, Vermont: Catching up with Narrative therapy: The Art of Going Slowly with Intent .  Registration gives unlimited access to all course materials for personal use for an unlimited time.  You can start this course at anytime: all course materials are available on-demand, and adaptable to personal schedules. For an additional $20, registrants can earn 12 APA approved CE credits through Alliant International University.

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Live Interviews – Finding our way in narrative conversations!

What does it look like in narrative practice to see problems as separate from persons, to take on a multi-storied approach, and to find openings to stories linking people to their know-how and skills? In this 2 day gathering (June 16-17, 2016) at All Souls Gathering in Shelburne Vermont, Maggie Carey worked with a group of practitioners to explore- and participate in – a series of narrative interviews to explore examples of key narrative principles in action and practice specific skills to help navigate tricky dilemmas in our everyday work. The following three mini-courses are based on interviews with participants as a platform to talk about the ways that are possible to go in a narrative conversation, to respond to questions participants have of Maggie about why she went the way she did in each interview.