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How user friendly are your courses?

Our self-paced courses are organized into lessons and topics. The different courses also try to accommodate multi-modal ways of learning in form of transcripts, videos, audios, articles, and reflective questions. With an eye toward user friendliness and ease of navigation, we strive to simplify everything. Periodically, we experience technical glitches that test everyone’s patience. If this happens to you, please  contact us. With sincere apologies, we’ll do our very best to troubleshoot and to get [...]

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What do I do if I’m experiencing technical difficulties?

First and foremost, please accept our sincere apology for any technical problems you encounter along the way. We share your frustration with the limits of this technology!  Behind the scenes, we work hard to fix any glitches. Please contact us with specific details Whether having trouble registering, with login, or accessing materials, it really helps if you can also take screenshots to show us exactly where the problem is occurring. Together we can troubleshoot [...]

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How does the Re-Authoring Teaching Membership Subscription work?

An annual membership is a subscription that will be automatically renewed unless cancelled. As the renewal date approaches, you will receive email notifications, which also give you the option to cancel.  Please contact us if you have any difficulties subscribing or canceling. We sincerely want our membership to be a positive experience.

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