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Rekindling Your Narrative Spark: The Resisting Isolation in Your Practice Consultation Group

Are you feeling a sense of isolation and disenchantment in your work? Do you feel you are being recruited into stories of dominant ideas of what a “good therapist” is or stories that are pathologizing of the people who consult you? We invite you to resist these stories and ideas in this community consultation group and think together about what you would prefer your practice to embody. Rocio and Akansha will create space for conversations about preferred ethics, consultation with your insider knowledges and wisdom, and articulation of consonant practices and ways of being. They will draw on their lived experiences of working in sites of “modern power” and support you in inhabiting your narrative multilingual voice. This group is for narratively informed practitioners, familiar with narrative ways of working.

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September 19, 2021 Collab Salon: Asking about online communities of support

Narrative Therapy inquiry offers novel and exciting opportunities to explore membership in online communities and spaces.  Whether it is through involvement with Discord servers or Team Speak or through informal groups through Facebook or WhatsApp, complexity and sophistication can be co-discovered in online communities.  Vast possibilities exist around speaking about these groups and communities in Narrative Therapy and, in particular, the importance of these communities can be privileged and elevated instead of obscured or diminished.

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October 18, 2020 Collab Salon: Narrative Letter Writing Across Divides

During the sixteen years of my supervision & apprenticeship relationship with David Epston, David has taught me how to write narrative letters, including letters co-authored with clients.  Over the last couple of years, I have been inventing a new letter-writing practice: Co-authoring letters with clients to other family members with whom there has been a rift,  or where important issues have not been spoken about. If you would like to learn how to bring a new type of letter writing into your work,  do join us!  Kay Ingamells

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May 19, 2019 Collab Salon: Narrative Walks

Chris Darmody ( Perth, Australia) will present Narrative Walks -a hope-based, depathologising outdoor program that was developed to engage with populations that may not be drawn to conventional methods of therapy. This structured day program encourages participants to explore 15 narrative therapy questions, and to engage in a number of other activities during a 20 kilometre walk through the bush. The program invites different perspectives on problem stories, and offers walking as a narrative metaphor. Chris will outline his own hopes for the future development of Narrative Walks as a program transferable to many people and lands.

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June 16, 2019 Collab Salon: Different Species, Shared Stories

Daniel Angus will introduce us to PetSpace, The Headspace Primary Care and Youth Early Psychosis Program in Western Sydney, which has developed an innovative interspecies mental health program that offers a narrative informed therapy partnering with a variety of dogs, cats, horses and parrots as well as with humans. Young people registered in this program have learned how to support animals who are experiencing mental or physical health problems and in turn they learn about themselves by reflecting on their experience as an animal helper. Helping dogs experiencing anxiety or parrots who self harm have led to a variety of outcomes including the development of interspecies coping strategies, friendships among participants and reduced mental health symptoms for human helpers and animals. Working on a forthcoming book on interspecies communication, Jenny Freeman will respond to Dan's presentation as well as share a tale from her manuscript.

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August 2018 Collab Salon: Taking Narrative Practices Outside

Chris Darmody ( Perth, Australia) described Camp Retreat - a de-patholgising 3 day program for 20 young people aged 14-17 who are engaged in a mental health service. It is run 4 times a year and it is narratively informed. Many of the participants coming into camp will come with a mental health diagnosis and the stigma associated with engaging with a mental health service and the associated feelings of identity failure. The intention of the program is to separate a person from the problem and engage in different activities without the problem being present. By having this experience it is hoped that participants can return to their lives with an understanding of how much influence the problem has over their lives, decisions about how much they want a problem to be there, and skills to reduce its influence on their lives.

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October 21, 2018 Collab Salon: Psychedelics and Psychotherapy: Narrative Explorations

As someone who is interested in the intersection between psychedelics and psychotherapy, Gabriel Garcia has many questions about the changing landscape of these substances, their legality, and viability as agents of psychological change. Gabriel presented some of the emerging models for working with stories of psychedelic experiences and fold these models into postmodern and narrative ideas. This was a springboard for the creating a generative discussion for those who attend.

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October 2016 Collab Salon: Arts & Media in Narrative Practice

Photography and social media are such rich and powerful elements of our lives today. This Salon explored the creative ways in which these elements are currently being integrated into clinical work, enhancing the narratives of clients seeking our consultation.

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January 2016 Collab Salon: Re-imagining Narrative Practice: Where might narrative therapy go now?

In December, 2015, Linda Moxley opened a conversation about Recuperating Michael White and recuriositizing narrative therapy. Having graciously shared her meticulous  notes from two of Michael White’s workshops (1991; 2007), Linda notes movingly evoked Michael’s voice,  rescued the said from the saying, and captured some of his intentions and innovative thinking. She guided us to particularly pay attention to themes, shifts in language and zig-zagging. Now, our January Collab Salon continued this conversation with a focus on bringing Michael’s inspiration forward into the future. As featured presenters, Sarah Hughes and Linda Moxley began the conversation by sharing some of their own thoughts as to where Michael might have gone if he had the chance.  Others then joined in to share their ideas about where narrative therapy might go now with a particular intrigue regarding narrative and the performative turn.

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