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Embodied Practices

December 17, 2023 Collab Salon: On Inspiration

Thank you to all who have contributed to the Collab for 9 years. Please join us during these challenging times as we mark Collab Endings and New Beginnings together, and link our lives around inspiration.  This Collab has three parts:1- Re-membering the Collab Salon:Cohosts Peggy Sax, Charley Lang & Larry Zucker will  briefly share some of our initial inspirations, history, intentions, hopes, and significant changes over the years.2- On Inspiration: Ian Percy will invite us to reflect on the experience, the effects, and the practice of inspiration. He will guide us to focus on:  Recalling and honouring an experience of inspiration during the past year and Imagining possible experiences of inspiration during the year to come. 3- Inspiring and imagining The NextGen Collaboratory: Poh, Akansha and Peggy will glimpse the upcoming series of six bi-monthly 3-hour gatherings, beginning in May 2024, reaffirming our narrative foundations while exploring contemporary and emerging narrative practices.

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January 15, 2023 Collab Salon: Our Multi-storied bodies

What happens when we shift from viewing our bodies as a single entity to experiencing our bodies as a community of diverse members each with their own experience, position and stories? We will take a look at micro-practices and lines of enquiry that can disrupt the familiar and expected ways our bodies might be invited (or not) into therapeutic spaces and conversations.This can assist us in attending to experiences of being mandated to therapy (by people, institutions or ideas), responding to the effects of trauma/non-choice, and inviting us to move in unexpected ways in response and, at times, resistance to the ways in which we are being demanded.

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March 19, 2023 Collab Salon: The Radical-ness of Love, Attunement, and Imagination

This Collab brings forward the research and approaches of SuEllen Hamkins, Lynne Rosen, and Navid Zamani as they consider the ethics and effects of love and imagination, and the helpful-ness of attunement. Presenters will outline some of their theoretical assumptions, its intersection with broader social justice ethics and values, and the life that these practices breathe in our relationships with those who consult us. Their conversation gives a sneak preview of the new series now in development: Narrative Therapy, Trauma & the Affective Turn.

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Migration of Identity Consultation Group

This consultation group is for people who are familiar with narrative therapy practice and migration of identity in an experiential way and have a particular interest in unpacking ideas and practices that can accompany people/families/communities in times of movement (chosen and imposed), transition and liminality. While this can attend to large movements, it is also inclusive of small moments in daily life and moment-by-moment exchanges in conversations and relationships. Together we will explore our experiences accompanying people in these movements through sharing stories of practice and engaging in experiential exercises.

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The Em-BODY-ing Conversations Consultation Waiting List

The EM-BODY-ing Conversations Consultation Group is for mental health workers or educators who have had experience with mindfulness, EMDR Therapy or Somatic-Oriented Therapies in addition to a Narrative Therapy approach. Through sharing tales of our work with those who consult us, we will explore what becomes possible when we create different kinds of scaffolding using sensations, images/visual metaphors and memories in non-discursive ways. Talking about anti-racist and inclusive somatic practices will be privileged throughout our time together. As a prerequisite, participants will have previously taken an Em-BODY-ing Conversations training (online or in person) or have experienced integrating at least one of the following modalities with a Narrative Approach: mindfulness, somatic therapies, EMDR.

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The Em-BODY-ing Conversations Consultation Group Sept 2020

The EM-BODY-ing Conversations Consultation Group is limited to 12 mental health workers or educators who have had experience with either EMDR or Somatic-Oriented Therapies in addition to a Narrative Therapy approach. Some registrants will have participated in the 2017 Em-BODY-ing Conversations Consultation Group. Experienced practitioners can sign up for this consultation group while concurrently taking the Em-BODY-ing Conversations Training Group. The focus is on an affective-discursive approach to clinical work that integrates EMDR Therapy and somatic-oriented practices with a Narrative Therapy both philosophically and practically.

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December 20, 2020 Collab Salon: Becoming our practices: Interweaving the storied, embodied, affective and relations of power

Ian Percy continues to explore in his therapeutic work, and also in his teaching program, the interweaving of four interdependent dimensions of practice. He will present scenarios to illustrate some aspects of his weavings and wonderings. Along the way he will very briefly speak to: Upholding the precious traditions of narrative ethics; Sensory impressions in the making of storied lives; Interpreting mindfulness: body, ethics and inspiration; Situated affect; and Embodied/enacted power relations.

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December 15, 2019 Collab Salon: Applications of the Affective Turn

This presentation began with examining the contributions of the affective-discursive turn to the evolution of narrative therapy.  The affective turn - as described by Gerald Monk and Navid Zamani- is concerned with the connection between the mind, brain, and body, and its connection to the language of feelings, intentions, and choices which is both discursive and non-discursive. The turn to affect pays attention to what is beyond language and the discursive and focuses on what is located within the body. We shared exemplars of the turn to affect by exploring non-linear practice: integrating EMDR and Somatic therapies with Narrative Therapy as developed by Lynne Rosen; as well, Ian Percy  briefly consider ed some applications of ancient mindful attention skills to assist in recollecting, enacting and sustaining embodied and relationally-just affect.

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