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Decolonising methodologies'

Our Multi-Storied Bodies Practices

What happens when we shift from viewing our bodies as a single entity to experiencing our bodies as a community of diverse members each with their own experience, position, and stories? This consultation group is for folx who are interested in centering post-structural, narrative practice, intersectional feminisms, and community ideas in our conversations with our bodies and in accompanying individuals, couples, families, and communities in conversations that are inclusive of their bodies. 

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June 18, 2023 Collab Salon: Teaching Narrative therapy: Exploring The KRAI Experience

How can we teach Narrative therapy in a way which responds to its philosophy and ethics? How can Narrative therapy change and develop in our collaborations and engaging with new ideas? How can we work together in the team paying attention to power relationships? How can we be narrative practitioners in actual political situation in Russia and in the world? When we’ve started our project, KRAI, together with our colleagues, we were drawn to this questions and a lot more. We’ve developed a diverse yearlong program on Narrative therapy and community work as long as another laboratories and workshops. We are glad to share our experience at the Collab salon.

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