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Our Multi-Storied Bodies Practices

What happens when we shift from viewing our bodies as a single entity to experiencing our bodies as a community of diverse members each with their own experience, position, and stories? This consultation group is for folx who are interested in centering post-structural, narrative practice, intersectional feminisms, and community ideas in our conversations with our bodies and in accompanying individuals, couples, families, and communities in conversations that are inclusive of their bodies. 

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May 21, 2023 Collab Salon: Stories of Resistance to Isolation

Rocio and Akansha extended the following invitation to participants in a Re-Authoring Teaching Consultation Group from January-April 2023. Are you feeling a sense of isolation and disenchantment in your work? Do you feel you are being recruited into stories of dominant ideas of what a “good therapist” is or stories that are pathologizing of the people who consult you? We invite you to resist these stories and ideas in this community consultation group and think together about what you would prefer your practice to embody. Rocio and Akansha will create space for conversations about preferred ethics, consultation with your insider knowledges and wisdom, and articulation of consonant practices and ways of being. They will draw on their lived experiences of working in sites of “modern power” and support you in inhabiting your narrative multilingual voice. In this Salon they will share stories and ideas that group members generated for further circulation and co-sparking.

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Engaging an Audience: Bridging Narrative Practice and Applied Theatre

This 6 session consultation group will be beneficial for practitioners who are trying to support communities and individuals to enrich their narratives through performing arts. Contemporary theatre shows an increased interest in personal stories, while the narrative community might be interested in the means to embody and celebrate participants/clients preferred identities.

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