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Migration of Identity Consultation Group

This consultation group is for people who are familiar with narrative therapy practice and migration of identity in an experiential way and have a particular interest in unpacking ideas and practices that can accompany people/families/communities in times of movement (chosen and imposed), transition and liminality. While this can attend to large movements, it is also inclusive of small moments in daily life and moment-by-moment exchanges in conversations and relationships. Together we will explore our experiences accompanying people in these movements through sharing stories of practice and engaging in experiential exercises.

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December 18, 2022 Collab Salon: The X-Powers Project: Calling up super-powers and wonderment, to subvert seemingly stuck stories

This Salon showcases highlights from our shared passion project of several years: the scouring for and nurturance of those unique client superpowers that can encourage courageous imaginations.  Building on the centrality of the narrative practice pantheon, we will share our uses of imaginative Know-How and inspirations from Narrative Therapy Wonderland. Client story examples will include, officiating mother-daughter family reunions, the case of the talking shower cricket, the protest power of panic attacks, and the giant misunderstood tarantula.

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February 21, 2021 Collab Salon: Community-based Practices as Response to Earth’s Environmental Crisis and Opportunity

The environmental crisis is increasingly showing up in our neighbourhoods through severe weather events, struggling ecosystems, and the coronavirus pandemic. How can we, as narrative therapists, offer pathways for coming into relationship with these escalating risks in ways that are not overwhelming nor lead to despair? How might we contribute beyond individualised models that leave far too many people without care for their collective challenges? How do we show up in solidarity with those who recognise the potential for a great breakthrough towards environmental and social justice? Narrative therapy has a rich lore of collective practice that has evolved beyond the office, which can be valuable in this context. Merle and Jenny will share collective initiatives in diverse settings in response to Earth’s environmental crisis and opportunity, followed by a conversation to explore possibilities and potential for our narrative therapy community.

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October 17 2021 Collab Salon: Lines of Flight and Journeys of Recovery

Men who had experienced sexual abuse as children established SAMSN (Sexually Abused Men’s Support Network)  in Sydney Australia specifically  for men who had been sexually abused as children. Professionally facilitated peer support groups are among the many services they run. Terry and Rob have been facilitators for the Adelaide groups, but groups are run throughout New South Wales. 

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A Narrative Approach to Therapeutic Conversations with People Who Are Suffering

As a counsellor working for hospice, Sasha Pilkington meets with people who are suffering, sometimes with unsolvable problems, as they live with serious illness and the knowledge of their approaching death.  In this two-part Zoom workshop, she would like to share several cherished narrative practices that guide her therapeutic conversations with people who are suffering at the end of life. 6 Alliant CE Credits Approved!

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June 19, 2016 Collab: Centering Ethics in Group Supervision

What are narrative approaches to supervision? How does a group co-create respectful ways of exploring complex concerns and challenges that reflect the ethics of a just and accountable community?  Shona and Vikki invited us into a conversation about supervision practices that contribute to a reinvigoration of professional identity,  keep faith with what is given value, and build on an ethic of justice-doing. This online gathering welcomed old members as well as a number of  Collab Salon members experiencing Zoom for the first time. 

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June 16, 2019 Collab Salon: Different Species, Shared Stories

Daniel Angus will introduce us to PetSpace, The Headspace Primary Care and Youth Early Psychosis Program in Western Sydney, which has developed an innovative interspecies mental health program that offers a narrative informed therapy partnering with a variety of dogs, cats, horses and parrots as well as with humans. Young people registered in this program have learned how to support animals who are experiencing mental or physical health problems and in turn they learn about themselves by reflecting on their experience as an animal helper. Helping dogs experiencing anxiety or parrots who self harm have led to a variety of outcomes including the development of interspecies coping strategies, friendships among participants and reduced mental health symptoms for human helpers and animals. Working on a forthcoming book on interspecies communication, Jenny Freeman will respond to Dan's presentation as well as share a tale from her manuscript.

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April, 2015 Collab Salon: The Absent but Implicit

Thank you Maggie for joining us for our April Collab session! Maggie presented on the ‘absent but implicit’ as a response to what has been problematic, and scaffolding this as an action. She also shared some thoughts about possible links between the ‘absent but implicit’ pathway and what is happening in the brain when we ask the questions that we do in using this pathway. Our plan was to show a couple of videos from Maggie's upcoming courses on Rich Story Development; however, we experienced a bit of techno/bandwidth difficulty. I will post the links to these videos below.

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May 15, 2016 Collab Salon: Narrative and Mindfulness Practice

 With their shared backgrounds in both traditions, this discussion with David Paré (Ottawa, Canada) and Ian Percy (Perth, Australia)  lived up to its promise to be a generative examination of the integrative possibilities for mindfulness and narrative therapy. Thank you Ian and David for presenting such a stimulating and thought-provoking Collab Salon!

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Live Interviews: Finding our way in a narrative conversation

We have chosen to repeat the format of the workshop we did two years ago for this 2-day workshop with Maggie Carey at Treleven Farm. The workshop is structured so that various participants will have the opportunity to be interviewed by Maggie. These interviews will then be used as a platform to talk about the ways that are possible to go in a narrative conversation, to respond to questions participants have of Maggie about why she went the way she did in each interview. Please note: we have moved the workshop location to All Souls in Shelburne, Vermont.

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Responding to Trauma and Difficulties in People’s Lives

This two-day workshop with Maggie Carey and Peggy Sax will share some of the Narrative practices that have been found useful as ways of working with people’s experiences of difficulty and trauma in their lives such as abuse or violence, intense loss, or being subjected to oppression or injustice. Trauma can have the effect of establishing a sense of vulnerability, hopelessness and a sense of being stuck in the past events and not able to ‘do’ life.

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