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James Doty- The Magic Shop of the Brain

Brain surgeon James Doty is on the cutting edge of our knowledge of the brain and the heart: how they talk to each other; what compassion means in the body and in action; and how we can reshape our lives and perhaps our species through the scientific and human understanding we are now gaining. The backstory of James Doty’s passions is told in his memoir, Into the Magic Shop. In the summer of 1968, in [...]

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Pratiques Narratives: France

Between 2004 and 2007 Médiat Coaching invited Michael White to France several times.Since then, Isabelle Laplante and Nicolas De Beer contribute to changing Pratiques Narratives through training, articles and research. For further information about their work you can visit their website at:

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Simcha Recovery: South Africa

Simcha Recovery is a dynamic drug and alcohol non residential program based on Narrative Approaches in Pretoria, South Africa. To learn more about them visit their website at:

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Terapia Narrativa: Brazil

Terapia Narrativa promotes and disseminates the narrative practice in Brazil in continuous dialogue with the international narrative communities, linking people, stories and works globally. As an aggregating environment of initiatives, they are inspired by collaborative and post-structuralist approaches and, in particular, by the narrative practices originally developed by Michael White and David Epston. For further information visit their website at:

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Trame Narrative: Switzerland

Trame Narrative offers psychological counseling and individual, couple and family therapy in a systemic/narrative approach in Sion, Switzerland. For further information visit their website at:

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The Taos Institute

The Taos Institute is a community of scholars and practitioners concerned with the social processes essential for the construction of reason, knowledge, and human value. They are committed to exploring, developing and disseminating ideas and practices that promote creative, appreciative and collaborative processes in families, communities and organizations around the world. They achieve our educational ends through conferences, workshops, publications, a PhD and Masters program, a distance learning program, newsletters, and web-based offerings.  For further [...]

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Day-to-day Work of Narrative Therapy

On their website, Jill Freedman and Gene Combs posted and excellent description of “In the day-to-day work of narrative therapy. In January 2007, a group of narrative teachers participated in a wonderful narrative gathering in Cuba, Encountering the Spirit of Community in Narrative Therapy and in Cuban Social Programs, further adapted this list.   In the day-to-day work of narrative therapy, we: Start by seeking to join people in their particular experiential worlds (not by [...]

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What is narrative practice?

Narrative practice is a term that is replacing 'narrative therapy'. Many practitioners work in public sector settings such as early child care and education, social services, community mental health where “therapy” does not adequately describe their roles. Applications of narrative practices in community circumstances also demonstrate the limitations of speaking about “therapy.” What is Narrative Practice? (Video) Maggie Carey is a founding member of the Narrative Practices Adelaide teaching faculty. She has been involved in [...]

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Narrative Approaches

Narrative Approaches is an online community, resource and an archive of Narrative Therapy conversations, ideas, inspiration, papers, art-work, poetry, stories, scholarship, and solidarity.  It is also home to the Archive of Resistance, a lifesaving armory of words – fired at anorexia, bulimia, and negative body image in the battle for the sovereignty of mind, body and spirit. For further information visit their website at:  

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Narrative Practices Adelaide

Narrative Practices Adelaide is the centre (originally called “Adelaide Narrative Therapy Centre) that Michael White established in Adelaide, South Australia in January 2008, a few months before his sad and untimely death. They have a strong desire to continue with Michael’s aims and intentions in a way that would fit with his sentiment – to create a small, vibrant centre that collaborates with other centres and that acknowledges the rich and varied history of Michael’s work. [...]

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BeKinbera: Germany

BeKinbera is a German research project committed to the involvement and empowerment of children and young people in the consultation process. Project director: Dr. Heidrun Schulze. Hochschule Rhein Main – Department of Social Work, Wiesbaden, Germany. For further information visit their website at:

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Narrative Counseling Center: Los Angeles

Narrative Counseling Center provides strength-based psychotherapy services in Los Angeles for individuals, families and couples. The center was started by two marriage and family therapists, Lucy Cutter and Charley Lang, who share the belief that people are inherently resourceful and the experts on their own lives. For further information visit their website:

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