Past Workshops

Live Interviews – Finding our way in narrative conversations

What does it look like in narrative practice to see problems as separate from persons, to take on a multi-storied approach, and to find openings to stories linking people to their know-how and skills? In this 2 day gathering, Maggie Carey worked with a group of practitioners to explore- and participate in - a series of narrative interviews to explore examples of key narrative principles in action and practice specific skills to help navigate tricky dilemmas in our [...]

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Maggie Carey Workshops! Refreshing the Spirit of the Work

A big thank-you to Maggie Carey who gave us an invigorating and restorative four days of training in beautiful Vermont,  June 10-13, 2014. Maggie Carey’s workshops were co-sponsored by Union Institute & University and Re-authoring Teaching. We were thrilled to welcome Maggie Carey to guide our third "Extending Narrative Practice: Refreshing the Spirit of the Work" gathering at the All Souls Gathering, in Shelburne, Vermont and at Treleven Farm in Vergennes, Vermont.

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David Epston Workshops

David Epston has given several workshops in Vermont including, "The Poetics of Inquiry: What makes a good story" and "Can a person's mischief make trouble for a problem? A query for "former" children who have become therapists and the people who they are seeing."

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Narrative Therapy & Interpersonal Neurobiology

The workshop guided participants though discussions on how neurobiology conceptualizes the brain’s structure and a concept of mind, its relationship to memory and emotional systems, and the role of mindfulness in clinical practice. Drawing from the current literature and utilizing clinical examples, Jeff compared and contrasted ideas from the neurosciences with those from Narrative Therapy.

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Responding to Abuse Within Families and Building Ethical Resistance

This one-day practice based workshop focused on developing responses to people who have been subjected to abuse from those they love and to those who have inflicted abuse on those they love. It took place on June 20th, 2012 with special guests Rob Hall and Alison Newton (Adelaide, Australia). They provided participants with a framework for counselling people subjected to or perpetrating abuse in a range of circumstances, with a particular focus on domestic violence. The workshop is based on the work and approaches of Michael White and Alan Jenkins who, as friends and colleagues for 30 years, have informed and supported Rob and Alison in their work.

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