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FKC -Archived Lesson 5

Practices that engage with problems

Lesson 5d) Statement of position map

The Statement of Position Map was my introduction to narrative maps. At that time, I didn't really see the connection with externalizing conversations. However I did find it very helpful as guide for conversations. What about you?  Is this map helpful to you and if so, how? Michael initially proposed 4 categories of response. Do you like scaffolding in the fifth action-oriented category? What questions do you have? What else stands out to you about [...]

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Lesson 5) Dividing practices – applications

/]hat are some applications for externalization in your work context? What about in your everyday life and relationships? Do you have a story or to tell that might illustrate your experience? As you read through the abundance of materials in the first section, “What is narrative therapy?”, can you help us ground the concepts here in your every day practice? – Is there a story that come to mind from your own work context that [...]

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Lesson 5e: Externalising conversations exercise- getting started

This activity was initially developed by Narrative Practices Adelaide for teaching purposes only. Here we have created an online adaptation. You will need to pair up with someone else. If possible, choose someone you do not know. If you are looking for a buddy, just post the request here. Someone else will step forward.  Through email (or messaging?), you can begin your conversation. Decide who will be the interviewer and the interviewee. Only you and [...]

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Lesson 5e) Reflections on Externalising exercise

Have you had a chance to try out the Externalising conversations exercise with a buddy? What was your experience of the interview? What you are noticing about the impact of the questions How did it work for you to pair up like this online? What else would you like to say? Chelsea N. Yanuaria: December 6, 2014  It’s easy to see that by externalizing the problem, seeing it as separate from the person, already [...]

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Reflections on Lesson 5 (FKC): Externalising

Peggy Sax Before joining this Conversation Forum , please review the materials in Lesson Five: Practices that engage with problems. These dividing practices – otherwise known as externalising conversations- are a cornerstone of narrative therapy. Here we aim to establish a space to look closely at how to engage with problems in ways that do not promote shame or blame of the families or children. Lesson Topics include: a) What are externalizing conversations? b) Externalizing the [...]

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Reflections on Externalising: FKC

Peggy Sax As you read through the abundance of materials in Narrative Therapy: Foundations & Key Concepts, can you help us ground the concepts here in your every day practice? – Is there a story that come to mind from your own work context that can help make these ideas come alive? – Can you briefly describe your work context? – How have you understood a key narrative concept in this particular context? – [...]

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