MW-Next Generations

Since Michael died in 2008, a new generation of narrative therapists has stepped forward. Have a look at some of the creative work that has emerged over the past decade – with more to come. We welcome your contributions!

Higher Education

Over the past decade,  several higher education programs have emerged a leaders in preparing the next generation of narrative practitioners. Please help us list them here.

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Creating a Teaching Collaboratory

Reauthoring Teaching is committed to bringing together a supportive network and narrative practice resource library available to higher education teachers and institutions. Narrative Educators Camp was the first step in making this dream into a reality. Together we are creating a Teaching Collaboratory that draws from the fruits of our labors as trainers, educators and researchers. Read below to get glimpse at what's happening. Co-Sparking into the Future “Narrative [...]

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Preparing the next generation – Innovations

Developing narrative training centers was one of Michael's key intentions; we are inspired by the growing list of narrative training centers here.  In addition, we wish to highlight innovations in preparing the next generation. Dulwich Centre Friday Afternoon Videos Friday Afternoon Videos continues a Dulwich Centre tradition: From 1983 onwards, Dulwich Centre was known for holding free events on Friday afternoons. These ‘Friday Afternoons at Dulwich’ would begin at [...]

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Featured Voices – Next Generation

A new generation of Narrative Practitioners is emerging! Here we'd like to share a few of the fresh voices that are inspiring us. Please send us more! We'd love for you to nominate folks you'd like for us to add. Who inspires you - in the spirit, practices and ethics of Michael White? This can be a person or a team of people.  Do you have something - such as a recording or unpublished writing-  to send us to give a glimpse as to why? Remember we need to be careful about copyright and permission. If you don't already have something, maybe you can record an interview?

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