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Teaching Experiences

Peggy Sax Hey, who here has experience teaching narrative practice: Giving workshops or university/graduate courses? We are your witnesses. We’d love to hear some of your experiences! What’s exciting? Whats nerve-wracking? How can we help? Peggy March 25, 2014: Don McGillivray   Don Mcgillivray Hello everyone, I just finsihed giving a mini-inservice at the Alberta College of Social Workers Annual Conference in Edmonton 2014. There were 42 [...]

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Dilbert’s The Fact

Inspired by the conversation with Chris Beels, Regina shares this Dilbert YouTube, which she often shows to her classes in Brazil:"The Fact: "Chronical Cubical Syndrome: If you think you've got it, you've got it"?   James: Thank you so much for sharing that, Regina!  That's great... I forget how funny that comic/cartoon was/is.  I am going to share this link with the group I talk with down here. After reading Chris's [...]

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