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Guidelines for reflections

Some of us are new to online discussion forums. Others have more experience either with the previous NPCI Study Group and/or with online courses. Still we are all new to experiencing this particular forum, and it will take some time for each of us to get comfortable. best thing to do is to jump in and practice. Here are a few guidelines for reflections: Discussion topics: I have started a number of discussion topics. These [...]

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How private is this space?

- How do we protect the confidentiality when we share stories from our work and our lives? - What happens to that material posted on the forum? - Is it possible to post something and then erase it? - What from this forum might become listed on google search engines for others to see? These are such good and important questions (thank-you Malachy for bringing them to my attention). Since it began in 2008, this [...]

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I need a witness!

Peggy Sax: February 17, 2013 "I need a witness" comes from a saying with my friend, Chris Behan. We would use this saying when a story yearns to be told - an accomplishment, a tender moment. a transition. This can be what Michael White would call "a sparkling moment." Now that we can readily include photos, you can share art work or pictures. We can also use this space for sharing dilemmas. Or simply to [...]

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