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Honoring David Epston’s Legacy

Honoring David’s Legacy

Peggy Sax David Epston is a prolific writer and collaborator. Many of his writings are freely available, thanks to his generosity. Have a look at The David Epston Webpage. Also, we’ve included an Honoring David’s legacy topic in the first section of the course, Narrative Therapy: Foundations & Key Concepts. Over time, we hope this forum will grow. I’m particularly looking forward to engaging Collab members in test piloting courses in the upcoming “Where [...]

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My Interest in David’s Inquiries

June 8, 2014 Judith Hi all, Thank you for asking about my project. I ‘met’ David through an email and subsequent conversations. I became curious about how he constructs his Inquiries, which are so distinctive and surprising, plus being ‘precise’, concise, and entice toward possibilities. (Enough ‘-ises’ to begin my USA summer!) I began taking a closer look at his questions/replies, sort of unpacking the pieces he puts into his sentences. This fascinates [...]

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Introduction to Inquiry Pieces

June 24, 2014 Judith Hello everyone, Initially, I started this conversation here: However, Peggy asked if I’d continue my topic here, in this Forum. I should include some ‘disclaimers’ before I begin. I come from a nursing background in which mental ‘deconstruction’ and ‘reconstruction’ are expected (or at least hoped for in nurses’ thinking). It’s a learned way of thinking, with practice, to see the ‘part’ within the ‘whole’…and to move semi-easily [...]

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Interviewing problems – Ripples from David’s work

May 16, 2014: Marija Welton Marija Welton Hi, i have a few moments and thought I would bring this topic up and see if anyone else has done this an what their experiences with it are., i have been doing some internalized other interviews with couples and on one occasion a few months ago I thought I would try interviewing the internalized problem. I got the idea from Charlie Laing's video that was part [...]

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Inquiry infusions from David & Michael

Judy:August 7, 2014 Dear Sarah, I hear you about getting disconnected from energy and creativity in work. I’m having a rough time staying connected to my study–I got a bit lost about what I wanted to do…and whether I can do it… The summer heat and continual rains here don’t help me stay focused, especially when I feel storms 3 days before it rains one drop. I’d rather hike some mountains and pick huckleberries— well, [...]

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