Community work

Neighborly ways of being

Peggy: November 16, 2013 The “Microtraining video  “Neighborly Ways of Being: Social Healing through Therapeutic Conversations shows a conversation (28 minutes) between me and Sheila McNamee about “Neighborly Ways of Being” -  a term that I  sometimes use to describe work with people who consult with me to restore meaning and purpose while transforming painful experiences. The DVD cover says "[Peggy Sax] describes the approach as ‘guided by the belief that therapeutic conversations can strengthen social [...]

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Creating a Living Document: How we get through hard times

Regina Jardim: October 31, 2010 Regina Jardim Dear  friends I met Michael White in a conference in Brazil, in the city of Porto Alegre in 2006. I was already quite familiar with the literature on Narrative Therapy but even thought I was entirely moved by his personal presence. I approached him and I said that I was so interested in his approach That I would like to do a PH.D. under his orientation. [...]

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