Michael White

Michael White

Michael White had a profound impact on many lives, and on the development of key concepts of narrative practice. His ideas, practices and presence live on in our lives and work. It is still hard to believe he is no longer here, and that we won’t suddenly hear that he will soon be presenting a workshop at a nearby town.

Here are some favorite tributes to Michael that begin with remembrances by members of the Power to Our Journeys Group.

1- Power To Our Journeys: Re-membering Michael. Members of the Power To Our Journeys Group, by Jussey Verco and Shona Russell was published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy (ANZJFT) Volume 30, Issue 2, June 2009.The author’s version of Remembrances of Power to our Journey group in Australia is posted on the Narrative Practices Adelaide website by permission of Australian Academic Press for personal use, not for redistribution.

2- David Epston collaborated with Michael White for more than 25 years. He gave the speech Remembering Michael White at The Family Therapy Centre in Auckland, New Zealand on 23 May, 2008. Subsequently, it was published as Saying Hello Again: Remembering Michael White in The Journal of Systemic Therapies, Vol. 27, No. 3, 2008, pp. 1–15

3- The Dulwich Centre website includes ”The Michael White Archive” (see below) with a collection of writings, speeches, and songs in honour of his memory.

Histories and Legacies: articles about the histories and legacies of Michael White and narrative therapy and community work, including papers by Cheryl White, David Denborough, and Chris Beels.

Narrative Practice: Continuing the conversation offers reflections by narrative practitioners from different countries to reflect on Michael’s legacy on their work in various contexts. These reflections extend the epilogue for the newly published (WW.Norton, 2011) anthology of Michael White’s previously unpublished papers, Narrative practice: Continuing the conversations.

These tributes really capture some of why so many of us are deeply impacted by Michael’s death, and by the commitment to continue our commitment to our work in ways that are congruent to what he  has taught us. In the Collabmembers collected seven years of reflections on the  Tributes to Michael White Conversation Forum. Current Collab Salon members can view these archived reflections here (scroll down to find – and click on- Remembering Michael).

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