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Narrative Therapy

What is narrative practice?

Narrative practice is a term that is replacing 'narrative therapy'. Many practitioners work in public sector settings such as early child care and education, social services, community mental health where “therapy” does not adequately describe their roles. Applications of narrative practices in community circumstances also demonstrate the limitations of speaking about “therapy.” What is Narrative Practice? (Video) Maggie Carey is a founding member of the Narrative Practices Adelaide teaching faculty. She has been involved in [...]

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‘The Narrative Journey: An Illustrated Guide To Narrative Therapy Principles’

by John R. Stillman   This book is a Narrative Therapy manual focusing on seven key principles. Each principles is illustrated and further linked to training guidelines in Jan additional  book, Narrative Therapy Handbook: Moving Principles Into Practice. John is the Director of The Caspersen Training Center website. Click here to order books.  

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‘Narrative Therapy’

by Stephen Madigan Recommended by Peggy Sax.  Stephen Madigan's book and companion DVD, "Narrative Therapy" are published through APA (American Psychological Association) and can be ordered through Amazon.

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‘Narrative therapy trauma manual: A principle-based approach’

 By John R. Stillman Recommended by Peggy Sax.   This book uses a journey metaphor to take the reader through the experience of narrative therapy. John conceived of this guidebook was conceived when invited to train social workers practicing within a community working and living on a garbage dump in Kien Giang, Vietnam. It makes narrative principles accessible to people through illustration and story. Each of the principles is woven into the metaphor of a [...]

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‘Narragrams: Visualizing Narrative Therapy’

by Walter Bera Recommended by Peggy Sax. The description on Amazon reads: "This work provides a template of how to conduct and implement Narrative ideas in an organized, visual fashion that is beneficial for both client and counselor. The publication now includes a laminated pull out for ease of use." Click here to order through Amazon. Reviewed by Italo Latorre Gentoso: I read it, and I like it. Is a proposal to use narrative conversation and [...]

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