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‘Hooked: Secrets and highs of a sober addict’

by Melinda Ferguson   Recommended by Jo Vilogen. Jo says, Melinda is a South African journalist, celebrating her tenth year in recovery.  She says in her forward: "People often think that once you've stopped using the drugs and alcohol you are healed.  in reality it's only when you've stopped that the hard work of unraveling the self really begins.... this is a book about my journey to fill the hole in my soul:  the secrets, the [...]

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‘The center cannot hold’

by Elyn Saks Recommended by Peggy Sax. This is a remarkable memoir by Elyn Saks, a woman diagnosed with  schizophrenia who write eloquently about the effects of her illness throughout decades of her life. I listened to the audio version, and couldn't stop til I was finished. I don't want to give away the plot. Let us know if you have read it, and we can talk about it on The Collab. I highly recommend [...]

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