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John R. Stillman

‘The Narrative Journey: An Illustrated Guide To Narrative Therapy Principles’

by John R. Stillman   This book is a Narrative Therapy manual focusing on seven key principles. Each principles is illustrated and further linked to training guidelines in Jan additional  book, Narrative Therapy Handbook: Moving Principles Into Practice. John is the Director of The Caspersen Training Center website. Click here to order books.  

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‘Narrative therapy trauma manual: A principle-based approach’

 By John R. Stillman Recommended by Peggy Sax.   This book uses a journey metaphor to take the reader through the experience of narrative therapy. John conceived of this guidebook was conceived when invited to train social workers practicing within a community working and living on a garbage dump in Kien Giang, Vietnam. It makes narrative principles accessible to people through illustration and story. Each of the principles is woven into the metaphor of a [...]

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