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June 19, 2016 Collab: Centering Ethics in Group Supervision with Vikki Reynolds & Shona Russell
CE Credit: Collab Salon 2020 Series
JUNE 21 2020: Counter-Story Practices with Youth Who Committed a Sexual Offense with Mauricio P. Yabar (Texas, USA)
May 17, 2020 Collab Salon: Neurodiversity and Narrative Practice
September 20, 2020 Collab Salon: Conversation between Liberation Psychology and Narrative ideas-practices
November 15, 2020 Collab Salon: Collectivising Narrative Therapy: Performance, collaboration and community in the league anti-anorexia
July 19, 2020 Collab Salon: How to live whilst dying?What children and young people with a Life Limiting Illness (LLI), can teach us about living
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December 13, 2020 Collab Salon: Becoming our practices: Interweaving the storied, embodied, affective and relations of power
March 15, 2020 Collab Salon: Tender Therapy: Living and Working with My Internalized Michael White
April 19, 2020 Collab Salon: Reflections on practice with people who are suffering at the end of life
October 18, 2020 Collab Salon: Narrative Letter Writing Across Divides
AUGUST 16, 2020: Working Narratively in Research with Maggie Slaska, Akansha Vaswani, & Navid Zamani
Narrative Camp June 14-21, 2019: Accommodation
Narrative Camp June 2019: Program Registration Fee
Delving into Difference Consultation Group 2019- 2020
Working with Couples Consultation Group: 2019
The Em-BODY-ing Conversations Training Group 2020
The Em-BODY-ing Conversations Consultation Group
On All Things Counter, Original, Spare, and Strange: The Poetry and Heart of Narrative Therapy
A Narrative Approach to Therapeutic Conversations at the End of Life
CE Credit: Building on the Legacy of Michael White
November 18, 2018 Collab Salon: Virtue Inquiries at the End of Life
The EM-BODY-ing Conversations Consultation Group
Extending the Histories of Narrative Practice: Creating Spaces for Emerging Approaches
Apprenticeship in Advanced Narrative Practice
Working with Couples Consultation Group
Intern Pomo Group with Charley Lang
Insider Witness Practices: Performing Hope and Beauty in Narrative Therapy
Narrative and Mindfulness: Attending to the Personal, the Relational and the Contextual
Em-BODY-ing Conversations: Integrating EMDR and somatic-oriented practices with a Narrative Approach
An Introduction to Rich Story Development
Queer Counseling & Narrative Practice
Narrative Therapy: Foundations & Key Concepts
Escaping Blame Online Course Webinar #6
Escaping Blame Online Course Webinar #5
Escaping Blame Online Course Webinar #4
Escaping Blame Online Course Webinar #3
Escaping Blame Online Course Webinar #2
Escaping Blame Online Course Webinar #1
June 19, 2016 Collab Salon: Centering Ethics in Group Supervision
Live Interviews
Live Interviews: Finding our way in a narrative conversation
Responding to Trauma and Difficulties in People’s Lives
Working with People Facing Severe and Persistent Problems
Escaping Blame: Helping Couples Develop Account-Ability