March 29, 2020 SPECIAL Collab Salon: Together Enduring COVID-19

This FREE Together Enduring Covid-19 Special Collab was a time for people in our community around the world to get together. We' began with an original song by Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun (Bordeaux), before hearing Voices from the Future from Hong Kong, Italy, west coast USA talking about life/tips that they are learning while a couple a weeks ahead of many of us; . We met in small breakout groups and then in the larger community, checking in and also focusing on such topics as living with children at home; self care (what we are discovering helps); working with the effects of isolation; sharing resources/reaching out to community and neighbors/Neighborly ways of being.

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JUNE 21 2020: Counter-Story Practices with Youth Who Committed a Sexual Offense with Mauricio P. Yabar (Richmond, Virginia USA)

"Given the current state of the world, this workshop will address how the pandemic has affected service delivery for adolescent sex offenders and their families, especially youth receiving treatment in residential settings.. Sexual offenses committed by youth occur more often than some people might choose to accept. Youth who are convicted of a sexual crime are usually court-mandated to attend treatment. Offense-specific treatment makes little, if any distinction between types of offenses, age of youth, and other important factors such environmental influences or history of mental health challenges or trauma. There is a lot of research on youth sex offenders, but there seems to be a gap in understanding the effects of being labeled a “sex offender” by the court system, as well as by treatment providers, and how all this affects mental health and identity. Therapy with youth who committed a sexual offense should also address ways to heal from the harm of being labeled a sex offender. Narrative ideas and counter-story practices are creative ways to therapeutically engage youth. Because narrative therapy is non-judgmental and collaborative, it presents an opportunity to counter-story problems related to being labeled a sex offender. By prioritizing these youths’ mental health and counter-storying damaging self-narratives, therapists can potentially interrupt a cycle of abuse and other self-destructive patterns of behavior; and by doing this, they can assist their clients envision new possibilities for their futures." Mauricio P. Yabar                                                                        

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May 17, 2020 Collab Salon: Neurodiversity and Narrative Practice

What is your comfort level when working with someone who does not readily engage in conversation? What happens when a child is not quickly answering your questions? What do you do when the child is wandering the room and engaging in repetitive noises and actions? Courtney Olinger and Will Sherwin will share some ways that Narrative approaches can be utilized to support Neurodiversity and engage children with diverse levels of skills and abilities. They will explore ways that children with communication challenges and/or differences in play development can be centered in the circulation of their preferred experiences, identity and connections. Given the current COVID home confinement, they will also share some of their current experiences engaging children and families through Telehealth.

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July 19, 2020 Collab Salon: How to live whilst dying? What children and young people with a Life Limiting Illness (LLI), can teach us about living

"Given the current realities of the COVID-19 pandemic the narratives around living and dying, choice and decision making, facing our own mortality, are all more paramount than ever and what is perceived as something that affects others and is ‘rare’ has come very much into everybody’s everyday life.  Whilst my work has always focused on children and families I hope the lessons they have taught me will be transferable to many situations and leave everyone with some thoughts to take away and consider both personally and professionally." Dr Claire Cooley, Kent United Kingdom

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April 19, 2020 Collab Salon: Reflections on practice with people who are suffering

As a counsellor working for hospice, I meet with people who are suffering, sometimes with unsolvable problems, as they live with serious illness and the knowledge of their approaching death.  What can these experiences offer to those of us facing suffering in many different contexts during this time of Covid-19 pandemic? Given the current context, this Collab is still evolving. I hope to share some of my reflections on practices that ease suffering. These include thoughts on how we create space for stories of suffering, how we respond to big stories day to day and questioning practices that can be significant in restoring a sense of meaning and agency. I look forward to hearing how you might apply such practices to your own context for work. To facilitate the discussion I will be providing a collaborative document to illustrate some of the narrative practices we will be reflecting on. Sasha Pilkington

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