Global Resources

Pratiques Narratives: France

Between 2004 and 2007 Médiat Coaching invited Michael White to France several times.Since then, Isabelle Laplante and Nicolas De Beer contribute to changing Pratiques Narratives through training, articles and research. For further information about their work you can visit their website at:

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Simcha Recovery: South Africa

Simcha Recovery is a dynamic drug and alcohol non residential program based on Narrative Approaches in Pretoria, South Africa. To learn more about them visit their website at:

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Terapia Narrativa: Brazil

Terapia Narrativa promotes and disseminates the narrative practice in Brazil in continuous dialogue with the international narrative communities, linking people, stories and works globally. As an aggregating environment of initiatives, they are inspired by collaborative and post-structuralist approaches and, in particular, by the narrative practices originally developed by Michael White and David Epston. For further information visit their website at:

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Trame Narrative: Switzerland

Trame Narrative offers psychological counseling and individual, couple and family therapy in a systemic/narrative approach in Sion, Switzerland. For further information visit their website at:

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BeKinbera: Germany

BeKinbera is a German research project committed to the involvement and empowerment of children and young people in the consultation process. Project director: Dr. Heidrun Schulze. Hochschule Rhein Main – Department of Social Work, Wiesbaden, Germany. For further information visit their website at:

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PRANAS Chile is an initiative to link lives, stories and knowledge of practitioners that work with individuals and collectives, using narrative approaches originated by Michael White & David Epston. Our hope is to construct a space for sharing and disseminating Spanish narratives ideas and for considering applications in our own local contexts. For further information visit their website at:

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Narrative Therapy India

The Narrative Therapy India website is a space to share stories of their work using narrative practices with children, adults and families in the Indian context. Have a look at it at:

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Collective narrative practices resources from Torono

Collective narrative practices are newer narrative methodologies developed by the Dulwich Centre Foundation for use with individuals, wider groups and communities experiencing trauma and difficulties.  These methodologies are easy to engage with while offering hopeful and effective approaches to responding to hardship. Here are some collective narrative practices resources in Toronto and from the Narrative Therapy Centre of Toronto:

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