This section is packed with great links to writings about the narrative metaphor as well as links to some of our  partners without whom this learning community would not be complete.

The Taos Institute

The Taos Institute is a community of scholars and practitioners concerned with the social processes essential for the construction of reason, knowledge, and human value. They are committed to exploring, developing and disseminating ideas and practices that promote creative, appreciative and collaborative processes in families, communities and organizations around the world. They achieve our educational ends through conferences, workshops, publications, a PhD and Masters program, a distance learning program, newsletters, and web-based offerings.  For further Read More

Day-to-day Work of Narrative Therapy

On their website, Jill Freedman and Gene Combs posted and excellent description of “In the day-to-day work of narrative therapy. In January 2007, a group of narrative teachers participated in a wonderful narrative gathering in Cuba, Encountering the Spirit of Community in Narrative Therapy and in Cuban Social Programs, further adapted this list.   In the day-to-day work of narrative therapy, we: Start by seeking to join people in their particular experiential worlds (not by Read More

What is narrative practice?

Narrative practice is a term that is replacing ‘narrative therapy’. Many practitioners work in public sector settings such as early child care and education, social services, community mental health where “therapy” does not adequately describe their roles. Applications of narrative practices in community circumstances also demonstrate the limitations of speaking about “therapy.” What is Narrative Practice? (Video) Maggie Carey is a founding member of the Narrative Practices Adelaide teaching faculty. She has been involved in Read More

Narrative Approaches

Narrative Approaches is an online community, resource and an archive of Narrative Therapy conversations, ideas, inspiration, papers, art-work, poetry, stories, scholarship, and solidarity.  It is also home to the Archive of Resistance, a lifesaving armory of words – fired at anorexia, bulimia, and negative body image in the battle for the sovereignty of mind, body and spirit. For further information visit their website at:  

Narrative Practices Adelaide

Narrative Practices Adelaide is the centre (originally called “Adelaide Narrative Therapy Centre) that Michael White established in Adelaide, South Australia in January 2008, a few months before his sad and untimely death. They have a strong desire to continue with Michael’s aims and intentions in a way that would fit with his sentiment – to create a small, vibrant centre that collaborates with other centres and that acknowledges the rich and varied history of Michael’s work. Read More

Narrative Counseling Center: Los Angeles

Narrative Counseling Center provides strength-based psychotherapy services in Los Angeles for individuals, families and couples. The center was started by two marriage and family therapists, Lucy Cutter and Charley Lang, who share the belief that people are inherently resourceful and the experts on their own lives. For further information visit their website:

Dulwich Centre Resources

Here are some great articles from the Dulwich Centre website about narrative therapy and community work. Happy reading!  

The Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy

The Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy was the first Narrative Therapy training centre opened in the Northern Hemisphere. The VSNT goal is to provide a home for newly inspired Narrative Therapy training – brought to you through the politic and practice of their 25 year apprenticeship with David Epston, Michael White and the Just Therapy Team. The VSNT faculty stand in a variety of diverse social locations and – each member is respected internationally for their Read More

The Narrative Training Centre: Melbourne, Victoria

The Narrative Training Centre is based in Melbourne, Victoria and is involved in training in narrative therapy. On this website you will find information about the courses and training that the Narrative Training Centre offers.

Narrative Therapy websites around the world

The Narrative Therapy Centre of Toronto has documented a list of links to Narrative Therapy websites around the world. Check it out at:

Great articles on commonly used Narrative terms from Narrative Practices Adelaide

Here’s a great resource to have as a quick introduction or refresher to some basic narrative ideas and practices.

Bay Area Narrative Therapy Resource (BANTR) Radio!

Narrative Therapy Center of Toronto Articles

Check out the Narrative Therapy Centre of Toronto’s website for some great articles related to narrative practice. Happy browsing!

Terrific description of Narrative therapy

The Narrative Therapy Centre of Toronto provides a great response to the question, ‘What is narrative therapy?’. For a quick read click on the following link:

Some great Narrative therapy quotes from Narrative Approaches

Here are some fantastic quotes from some influential narrative therapists:

What is Narrative therapy from the Evanston Family Therapy Center

Evanston Family Therapy Center has been dedicated to teaching narrative therapy for more than two decades. EFTC is a nonprofit organization that offers workshops, consultations, and supervision in narrative ideas and practices. Here is their understanding of the work they do:

Narrative Therapy library from the Dulwich Centre

Looking for a book or article on Narrative therapy? You might find it at:

Michael White archive at the Dulwich Centre website

Here you’ll find several articles, videos and writings about Michael White, one of the co-founders of Narrative therapy:

Dulwich Centre publications

Dulwich Centre Publications produces resources (including books, journals, e-resources and DVDs) about narrative therapy and community work with a particular focus on making narrative approaches accessible and relevant to a wide range of practitioners and contexts. Check out what they have available by following this link:

Some useful links from the Narrative Approaches wesbite

Here’s a list of links to some great narrative therapy resources, training courses, therapy centers, and information about body image/ anorexia bulimia from the Narrative Approaches website:

‘The Narrative Journey: An Illustrated Guide To Narrative Therapy Principles’

by John R. Stillman   This book is a Narrative Therapy manual focusing on seven key principles. Each principles is illustrated and further linked to training guidelines in Jan additional  book, Narrative Therapy Handbook: Moving Principles Into Practice. John is the Director of The Caspersen Training Center website. Click here to order books.  

What is Narrative Therapy?

Narrative therapy pays attention to how people make sense of their experiences and assists in changing their relationship with problems affecting their lives.