Using Technology Constructively

Everyone knows the intrusions of technology in our lives in the 21st century. Is it possible for creating a ColLABoratory to become a counterstory to the narrative of technology as frustrating and distracting? How might we judiciously use the web in Productive and Socially Responsible Ways? How can we resist the Machization intrusions in our lives to find hope-generating discoveries and keep creating and sustaining a space for the human part of us?

Using Technology Constructively

Team of Curators: Amy Druker, Sumie Ishikawa, Peggy Sax (Co-ordinator) & Larry Zucker

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Anti-Machinalization (a.k.a Burn-out) Global Summit: Our September 15, 2019 Collab Salon with Sumie Ishikawa (Kitakyushu-city, Japan) & Amy Druker (Toronto, Canada) created a space ‘to imagine together small acts of resistance that each of us can take or have already taken, or perhaps might want to take together so that we can keep creating and sustaining a space for the human part of us, such as our sense of ethics, fun, love and community, to not only survive but thrive even in this increasingly Machinalizing time and structure we live in today.” This Collab strengthened our resolve to support each other in finding  hope-generating discoveries as to how we could possibly co-resist Machinalization. We’ve made public – added to our Youtube Playlist- Sumie’s video where she shares her ‘insider experiences’ of Machinalization. Collab Members please login to the September 15, 2019 Collab to read the Guiding Questions handout and to join our Anti-Machinization League!

Using the Internet in Productive & Responsible Ways: Please read about Netiquette and our thinking about establishing ethics for online interactions..

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